Kenan Aldana

Kenan Aldana

Intrigued by impact through networking capacity and inspired by the global necessity for regenerative action, Kenan spent several years growing his knowledge and experience within the transformational sustainability, and social permaculture movement.

In 2013 Kenan began GermiNation Project, an open source initiative based in Atlanta, GA (US) to educate and connect proactive individuals working to develop more regenerative community. After a radically transformative experience, two years of internships in Central America, and the completion of a Social Enterprise Development program at the end of 2016, Kenan redesigned the structure and objectives for evolving his purpose driven project.

Now soft launching as a social benefit organization here in Costa Rica, GermiNation is piloting a transformational service that will catalyze the next phase of fulfilling it’s role in growing an expansive network of support, helping others transform their lives and transition into healthier, happier, and regenerative communities.

Transition Design is a service guiding inspired agents of change through their journey of activating potential and fulfilling their purpose; A personalized process facilitated through a series of workshops, webinars, events, and life-design sessions highlighting tools and best practices in subjects including personal growth, spiritual integrity, lifestyle medicine, transformational travel, finding meaningful work, and the regenerative movement.

When not investing his time into facilitation and GermiNation specific priorities, Kenan is also an artist, musician, and graphic designer enjoying the co-creative expansion of projects at his home and ‘transition hub’ in the country’s South Pacific zone.


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