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Connecting with people who are passionate about sustainability and regeneration is what we’re all about. If you are engaged in the solutions to the global challenges we face, let us know.


Do you want to join a passionate team of social entrepreneurs and regenerative community builders? Share your skills and passions, and we’ll explore where they intersect with our work creating a better world.


Do you have information on organic listings for the Organic Directory? Or any information or projects related to sustainable food systems? Please let us know:


Have a Costa Rica learning event coming up? Send details to:


Do you want to help us create a beautiful future? Consider a donation or perhaps holding a fundraiser on our behalf. We deeply appreciate your support. Any resources you can share with Upward Spirals will empower us to bring about the peaceful, abundant world we know is possible.


Can we help your organization become more environmentally and financially sustainable? Want us to present to your team, or at your next conference or workshop?


Suggestions, resources or content for our website or the Solution Engine? Thanks for helping out!


Questions, comments, etc.


Call us:
Toll-free 1 (800) 259 – 6061
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