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Management consulting, social enterprise incubation and coaching, and organizational development planning, for leaders of humanitarian and environmental projects


Who We Support:

Upward Spirals works with social entrepreneurs, event producers, intentional communities, permaculture designers, organic producers, and environmental educators to maximize their impact through management coaching on strategic, financial, and organizational development planning, business model design, social entrepreneurship training, and event planning and production systems and tools.


We want to help you:

  • Expand your vision and set audacious and meaningful goals,
  • Leverage your strengths and opportunities to create maximum value for yourself and the world,
  • Grow your business, create a sustainable livelihood, and help others do the same,
  • Go beyond sustainability to become a beneficial force catalyzing your community to regeneration


About our experience:

Since 2001, Eric Baudry has been helping organizations become more financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable, originally for a management consulting company serving Fortune 500 companies, and in 2014 co-founding Upward Spirals, a nonprofit regenerative think tank and consulting company, focused on empowering impact centers and regenerative leaders.

A sample of the companies Eric has supported, ranging from small social enterprise startups, to the largest multinational firms in the world with hundreds of thousands of employees and revenues in the 10’s of billions:

Conscious events like the Envision Festival,
Sustainability education centers like Paso de la Danta,
Intentional communities like Sangha,
Transformational experiences network Numundo,
Retail giants like Auchan and Carrefour,
Financial services like Credit Suisse and Société Générale,
And multinational construction and energy firms like Bouygues and Schneider Electric.



“This is to express to you how much we value your work, as well as you, as a conscious person and those talented individuals who make up your team. In the short time we’ve known each other; you’ve become an important asset to Sangha. We believe that we are being well guided by the best professional in Costa Rica.” – Gino Salotti

“I just wanted to thank you for suggesting the Trello system to allow the team to better coordinate and integrate the various ideas and concepts of our project, as well as agreat work platform to gather all information for the developmental process.

I already went over what you have already set up for us on Trello and it covers pretty well all the various aspects that we need to successfully proceed and move ahead. It clearly shows us that you’ve got the expertise and knowledge needed to guide us in our project.”

“Right now we are working in collaboration with a great society from Costa Rica to create a community development plan, a business model and multiple revenue generating strategies.

Our vision is to create a social enterprise, sustainable, regenerative, and financially thriving. We believe we can achieve it by working as a team with the right central core group and the expertise of partners like Éric Baudry from Upward Spiral.”

“Now, I really must congratulate you and HappE for the extraordinary work you are doing for us, providing us with solid comparatives and very valuable information. It really give us a much clearer picture of the situation and conditions regarding the land purchase, by elaborating all the key elements that will allow us to really negotiate intelligently the best purchase price with the owner.

I am impressed with the quality and pertinence of the data that you share with us, and I am extremely grateful to you and your team at Upward Spirals, as well as entirely support your vision and mission.”

“At last I found Social Enterprise Development to be the perfect social innovation and entrepreneurship incubator. My thirteen weeks working through this program with Eric Baudry was by far the most engaging, productive, and inspiring professional development experience I have ever participated in. Each week was another clear and exciting step in a tangible progression toward actualizing my vision.

I am very grateful for the exemplary mentorship, on call availability, extensive subject  knowledge, and overall commitment to excellence Eric demonstrated during my time with  Upward Spirals. Topics like regenerative business optimization, effective team building, and whole systems design added so much value to lessons on foundational elements of business development, marketing, and growth strategies.” – Kenan Aldana


You can learn more about Upward Spirals’ management consulting and organizational development training, or email us at to explore how we can help you catalyze your goals.


Thank you for this opportunity to amplify your impact!

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