Topics can include:


* Natural Building

* Permaculture

* Renewable Energy Systems

* Growing Organic Food

* Food Forests

* Finding and Living in Community

* Developing a sustainable business

* Regenerative Community Development

Learn from:


* Pioneers and innovators

* Successful intentional communities and homesteads

* Sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyle experts

* Permaculture demonstration sites

* Ecological preservation projects

* Regenerative business leaders

* Health and wellness coaches



Expedition ITINERARY


Your educational adventure includes:


* Participating in multiple daily workshops, presentations and classes, customized to group preferences

* Adventuring through some of the most beautiful and biodiverse places on earth

* Visiting many permaculture farms, intentional communities, homesteads and impact centers, and experiencing new ways to live

* Learning from diverse experts with years of experience in a wide range of sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyles

* Thriving through gourmet organic, local, meals and tropical fruits



You will graduate empowered with:


* Resources, tools, knowledge, and inspiration to organize regenerative projects

* Understanding of what is means to be a part of a collaborative community

* A clear vision for how to transition to a thriving, fulfilling, and sustainable lifestyle

* Connections to a network of passionate and effective innovators and social entrepreneurs

* A deepened ability to create your regenerative future



What Expedition graduates are saying....


“Earlier this year when I was in Costa Rica I had the blessing of participating in and helping with the Sustainable Living Expedition. We were led on a truly epic adventure seeing regenerative projects and solutions up close and in action. It was by far one of the best times of my life. The amount of personal growth and education I received was and is still life changing. The best part are the amazing new friends I met and the beautiful memories we created together. It was transformational.

What a remarkable program led by amazing humans who are creating real life solutions for personal and planetary healing. What is being done on this planet by human beings to restore our ecosystems and create harmony with nature gives me so much hope and inspiration for our world. I highly encourage everyone to attend this program!”

– Brian Claypool


“I’m inspired to try to recreate as much as possible a similar experience for others. I feel like I’ve learned more in the past week than I have in years.”


“Words cannot describe how much I learned in 8 days with Upward Spirals. Their organization brought nonstop adventure to places I otherwise never would have found, and introduced us to farmers and pioneers of sustainability I otherwise would never have met. SLE felt like a once in a lifetime experience that I can sign up for again next year. I not only learned techniques of permaculture and farming, but lifelong methods of living sustainably and positively as well as receiving a network of friends and role models to share and work with in the future”

– Miles Radin


“The Sustainable Living Expedition was an unexpectedly amazing experience! The team, the presenters were all amazing people. The site was like stepping into a tropical paradise with astounding river, waterfalls, fruit trees, a truly amazing educational adventure!”

– Murray Dodds


“An incredible week of valuable information, teachings and wisdom of a new paradigm. Hearing and witnessing the pioneers of sustainable living and regenerative business is priceless. Hands-on activities and being in the natural element are the best way to introduce us to community and lifestyles of the future.”

– Alexander Hill


“This experience helped me to understand and have a taste of what it is to live in harmony with nature. It was very inspiring to witness so many different possibilities of getting integrated in a beautiful community of like-minded people.”

– Aychele Szot


“I came to learn more about organic farming and sustainable building practices. To see how a community could be laid out and designed. I left with more love for myself, the earth, fellow humans and all the creatures, trees, plants and animals of the world. I made a life-long bond that is priceless. Learning community and feeling its love.”

– Derrick Mulcahy


“Wow, the people! Making the relationships and connections. Eating a healthy and delicious vegan diet. All the information I can use to apply to my life, and the valuable resources for future involvement. All of it was a completely life-changing experience. My life and my perspective has changed. I am inspired and fueled with this drive to help the world and its paradigm shift.”


“The Sustainable Living Expedition was life-changing. Such an inspiring group of people making the world a better place.”


Eric Baudry

Expedition Facilitator

Expert in Sustainability
& Social Enterprise


HappE Roberts

Expedition Developer

Logistician & Event Design

Chema Medina

Expert in Sustainable Solutions, Regenerative Lifestyles, Off-grid homesteading


Ed Bernhardt

Expert in Medicinal Plants
& Rainforest Botanicals


Jennifer 'Tree Jenny' Smith

Expert in Regenerative Reforestation
& Social Enterprise


Roguer Kehler

Expert in off-grid
Homestead Living



Marjorie Cerdes & Bolivar Gomez

Master Organic Farmers & Small Business Management


Melissa Sweet

Expert in Community Development
& Social Enterprise

What's included?


Proceeds support a network of social benefit organizations creating a regenerative world



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