Sustainable Living Expedition

An Educational Adventure Tour

* Pick the topics you are most interested in
* Choose a 1 day, a 3 day or a 10 day Expedition
* We'll create an Expedition based on your interests





Topics can include:


* Natural Building

* Permaculture

* Renewable Energy Systems

* Growing Organic Food

* Food Forests

* Finding and Living in Community

* Developing a sustainable business

* Regenerative Community Development

Learn from:


* Pioneers and innovators

* Successful intentional communities and homesteads

* Sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyle experts

* Permaculture demonstration sites

* Ecological preservation projects

* Regenerative business leaders

* Health and wellness coaches

Expedition Magazine

Sample itinerary from our most recent Expedition



Your educational adventure includes:


* Participating in multiple daily workshops, presentations and classes, customized to group preferences

* Adventuring through some of the most beautiful and biodiverse places on earth

* Visiting many permaculture farms, intentional communities, homesteads and impact centers, and experiencing new ways to live

* Learning from diverse experts with years of experience in a wide range of sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyles

* Thriving through gourmet organic, local, meals and tropical fruits



You will graduate empowered with:


* Resources, tools, knowledge, and inspiration to organize regenerative projects

* Understanding of what is means to be a part of a collaborative community

* A clear vision for how to transition to a thriving, fulfilling, and sustainable lifestyle

* Connections to a network of passionate and effective innovators and social entrepreneurs

* A deepened ability to create your regenerative future



Eric Baudry

Expedition Facilitator

Expert in Sustainability
& Social Enterprise


HappE Roberts

Expedition Developer

Logistician & Event Design

Chema Medina

Expert in Sustainable Solutions, Regenerative Lifestyles, Off-grid homesteading


Ed Bernhardt

Expert in Medicinal Plants
& Rainforest Botanicals


Jennifer 'Tree Jenny' Smith

Expert in Regenerative Reforestation
& Social Enterprise


Roguer Kehler

Expert in off-grid
Homestead Living



Marjorie Cerdes & Bolivar Gomez

Master Organic Farmers & Small Business Management


Melissa Sweet

Expert in Community Development
& Social Enterprise

What's included?


Proceeds support a network of social benefit organizations creating a regenerative world


* All Accommodations in shared rooms (private rooms available)

* 3 meals a day - mostly organic and local, and unbelievable tropical fruits

* Food at restaurants visited during the Expedition is also included

* All workshops, presentations and hands on experiences

* Education from multiple experts, and one on one coaching

* Private transportation on daily excursions

* All wellness activities, yoga, meditation, Qigong

* Transportation from and to San Jose airport

* Flash drive with world's largest sustainability resource library, guides, tools

* Reduce your carbon footprint!
Every ticket comes with a tree planting sponsored by Community Carbon Trees

Let's customize an Expedition for your group

* Pick the topics you are most interested in
* Choose a 1 day, a 3 day or a 10 day Expedition
* We'll create an Expedition based on your interests