Do you want to be inspired by ecologically harmonious living?



 The educational adventure of a lifetime! You’ll see successful sustainable solutions and learn from regenerative lifestyle experts at many amazing projects across Costa Rica. A transformative and inspiring week where you'll be invited and supported to design a thriving life.




"I believe we can teach humanity to be peaceful, cooperative, and ecologically balanced. And I believe we have to BE those qualities ourselves to achieve that result." -Eric Baudry


This tropical paradise is home not only to the world’s greatest biodiversity, but also to hundreds of regenerative projects; groups working to build a more beautiful future for themselves and all life. These pioneers, communities, homesteaders, permaculture demonstration sites, ecological preservation projects, and social benefit organizations want to share their successes and what they have learned in the process of becoming more sustainable.



"The difference between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world's problems" -Gandhi

 Your customized Expedition can include Natural Building, Permaculture, Renewable Energy Systems, Organic Food Production, Food Forestry, Community Living, Regenerative Business, and Regenerative Community Development in action.



Workshops are woven throughout your Expedition to give you resources and tools to organize regenerative projects and build collaborative communities.





 You will learn with Upward Spirals and the local network of regenerative experts how to design a thriving lifestyle that goes far beyond sustainable.


You will connect to a community of passionate and effective innovators and social entrepreneurs, and become an engaged part of co-creating a regenerative world.




 You will leave the Expedition empowered with the knowledge, network, inspiration, and ability to live in greater harmony with nature. 

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." -Joel Barker

Come on a transformative exploration of yourself and what is possible.

"I don't want to protect the environment, I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting." -Unknown

Meet the Expedition Team

Lead Facilitator and Program Developer

Eric Baudry

Passionate about: Environmental and Social Sustainability, Regenerative economics, Strategic planning

I am empowering and facilitating a societal transition to a regenerative relationship with nature.  

I co-founded Upward Spirals, a regenerative think tank and consulting company, to magnify the sustainable solutions community's ability to co-create a regenerative future. We build tools, templates, guides, business plans, and social benefit programs for leaders of regenerative projects, to help them accelerate the co-creation of a sustainable culture.

As the director of the Upward Spirals, I have the pleasure of working with some of the most heart-centered educators, healers, and community builders in the world, and love this beautiful world we're all creating together.

During our time together on the Expedition, I will ensure the models and concepts we learn are as clear and directly usable as possible. My role in the week will be successful when you leave empowered, excited and ready to create a regenerative life, for yourself and your community.

Program Coordinator and Developer

HappE Roberts

Passionate about: Compassion for All life, Ecosystem preservation, Animal welfare, Event planning and design

In Los Angeles, I worked for many years as a booking manager and logistics coordinator for a circus troupe, organizing large events featuring dozens of performers. I loved creating an exciting and inspiring experience, and weaving together the talents and magic of the community to create transformational adventures. 

5 years ago I moved to Costa Rica, co-founded Upward Spirals, and now focus most of my time on capacity building; helping to increase the ability of organizers, project leaders, the local community, and our own organization to achieve our eco-social goals. In my work as the Operations Orchestrator for the Catalyst Experience Network, I support producers, organizers, educators, healers and artists to create impactful programs that build community, and a regenerative world.

My goal for our week together is to ensure your Expedition is a seamless experience, supported in every way so you can learn from the experts, immerse yourself in nature, and create space for you to accelerate your transformation.

Throughout the week we will connect with a successful network of sustainability innovators, permaculture experts and community builders. Visionaries and social entrepreneurs on an inspiring transition towards personal and community sustainability, all passionate to show us how they're creating their regenerative dreams.


Meet some of the experts HERE

Praise from people transformed by the Expedition...


“The Sustainable Living Expedition was life-changing. Such an inspiring group of people making the world a better place.”


“Wow, the people! Making the relationships and connections. Eating a healthy and delicious vegan diet. All the information I can use to apply to my life, and the valuable resources for future involvement. All of it was a completely life-changing experience. My life and my perspective has changed. I am inspired and fueled with this drive to help the world and its paradigm shift.”


“I came to learn more about organic farming and sustainable building practices. To see how a community could be laid out and designed. I left with more love for myself, the earth, fellow humans and all the creatures, trees, plants and animals of the world. I made a life-long bond that is priceless. Learning community and feeling its love.”

– Derrick Mulcahy  


“This experience helped me to understand and have a taste of what it is to live in harmony with nature. It was very inspiring to witness so many different possibilities of getting integrated in a beautiful community of like-minded people.”

– Aychele Szot


“The Sustainable Living Expedition was an unexpectedly amazing experience! The team, the presenters were all amazing people. The site was like stepping into a tropical paradise with astounding river, waterfalls, fruit trees, a truly amazing educational adventure!”

– Murray Dodds


“Words cannot describe how much I learned in 8 days with Upward Spirals. Their organization brought nonstop adventure to places I otherwise never would have found, and introduced us to farmers and pioneers of sustainability I otherwise would never have met. SLE felt like a once in a lifetime experience that I can sign up for again next year. I not only learned techniques of permaculture and farming, but lifelong methods of living sustainably and positively as well as receiving a network of friends and role models to share and work with in the future”

– Miles Radin


“I’m inspired to try to recreate as much as possible a similar experience for others. I feel like I’ve learned more in the past week than I have in years.”


“Earlier this year when I was in Costa Rica I had the blessing of participating in and helping with the Sustainable Living Expedition. We were led on a truly epic adventure seeing regenerative projects and solutions up close and in action. It was by far one of the best times of my life. The amount of personal growth and education I received was and is still life changing. The best part are the amazing new friends I met and the beautiful memories we created together. It was transformational.

What a remarkable program led by amazing humans who are creating real life solutions for personal and planetary healing. What is being done on this planet by human beings to restore our ecosystems and create harmony with nature gives me so much hope and inspiration for our world. I highly encourage everyone to attend this program!”

– Brian Claypool


“An incredible week of valuable information, teachings and wisdom of a new paradigm. Hearing and witnessing the pioneers of sustainable living and regenerative business is priceless. Hands-on activities and being in the natural element are the best way to introduce us to community and lifestyles of the future.”

– Alexander Hill

What’s included

* Stay at beautiful eco-retreats and impact centers around Costa Rica
* Daily excursions to Sustainable Farms, Communities and Impact Centers
* An educational Expedition customized to the interests of the group
* Yoga and meditation
* Flash drive with massive sustainability learning library, guides, tools, and much more
* Three mostly organic vegetarian meals a day with amazing, diverse tropical fruits
* Transportation from / to the SJO airport and on all excursions during the Expedition


 Dates TBD!
Or bring a group, customize your educational adventure and pick dates!

8 days / 7 nights
All-Inclusive and customizable based on your educational interests


33% Discount for people living in Costa Rica

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Can also be arranged for groups of 6 or more with unique dates
(Teacher/Host is included free)

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Invest in a brighter future!



Proceeds support regenerative community development locally and globally

Let's customize your Expedition together!
Email us at SLE@UpwardSpirals.Net

Call us: Costa Rica 506 8521-6016 (Call directly) / United States 800 259-6061 (Toll-free)

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