Supported by Upward Spirals


Presentations and Workshops Supported
by the Learning Calendar: Costa Rica


10th Annual Women's Regional Equinox Gathering

11th Annual Women's Regional Equinox Gathering

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Healing Lotus Yoga

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hr. YTT, Yoga on High

2nd Annual Seed Festival!

4 Week Ashram Immersion

7 day Practical Tropical Permaculture Application

9th Annual Women's Equinox Gathering

A Bowen Bodywork Course

A Life Inspired Costa Rica Retreat

A Unique Journey to Liberation of the Highest Self

ABC De la Agricultura Organica

Abdominal Massage Training & Discovery

Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage

Agricultura biodinámica y fertilidad de suelos

Agricultura con gente y economía

Agro-Forestry Skills Inspired by the Forest

Amazing Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training

Amazonian Medicine, Yoga and Taoist Traditions (Council 1)

Amazonian Medicine, Yoga and Taoist Traditions (Council 2)

An Epic Awakening - La Luz del Yoga Tours

Analogue Forestry

Ape Living Retreat

Applied Research Techniques & Strategies Toward Sustainability

Apprenticeship in Sustainable Living

Aromatherapy and Hydrosol workshop

Art & Science in Wellness

Awakening Jaguarundi Yoga: In the Depths of the Earth - Yin & Deeper

Awakening Shakti Retreat

Awakening the 4 Goddesses Within Your Retreat

Ayurvedic Cleanse & Yoga Workshop

Bamboo Bass Festival

Beachside Botanicals

Begin Again Retreat

Bienestar Yoga Teacher Training

Bienestar Yoga Teacher Training - YA 200 hour

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Retreat

Bio-Energy Practitioner Diploma Intensive

Body Cleanse Group

Breathing Medicine Ceremony with Robin Clements (Donation)

Bridge to the Future - Costa Rica

Cacao Ceremony

Calligraphy Yoga

Campo Pura Vida

Cantando La Vida

Celebrate Monkey Day

Ceremonia de Cacao

Chakras, Colors N' Crystals Workshop

Charla Eco-Inodoros

Community Carbon Trees Beach Day/Night

Community Days!

Conferencia y Convergencia Costarricense de Permacultura

Costa Rica Fruit Festival 2016

Costa Rica Health Adventure

Create Connection Retreat

Curanderismo Medicine Wheel and Our Ancestors

Curso Certificado de Diseño Permacultura

Cycle Yoga

David 'Avocado' Wolfe en Costa rica

Deep Ecology of the Mind

Delphi Alternative School/Evolve Tours

Destination Journey

Detox Immersion Retreat

Dia Internacional de la Permacultura

Diez Monos Yoga Retreat

Dragon Dreaming, Creación Colaborativa de Proyectos

Earth and Bamboo Natural Building Course

Earth Construction and Natural Plasters

Earthen Walls, Plasters, and Artistry

Eco Holistic Living and Permaculture Camp

Eco Teach - Costa Rica Educator Trip

Economía Solidaria

Elemental Movement

EmBody Retreat

Embracing your Inner Shadows

Energy Massage Course

Energy Qi Massage Course

Environmental Filming Workshop

Envision Festival

Envision Festival Costa Rica

Envision 'Give Back Days'

Ethnographic Assessment & Field Research

Expand and Explore with Indra's Grace

Fall Yoga Paradise Retreat

Farm to Table Fermentation

Festejo del Corazón – Celebration of the Heart

Festival Cultivando Pura Vida

Festival de Semillas Libres de Vida Auténtica

Field Clinical Jungle Style

Fiesta Cultural y Recreativa

Forest Dance

Free Spirit Retreat

Freedom From The Past

Fruit the World Convergence (Discounted!!)

Goddess Retreat

Gourmet Gringo Cooking Class

Herbal Field Clinical with 7Song & Envision

Hoola Fit

Hora de Paz

In Tune Expansion, Corazón Verde

In Tune Expansion, La Estrella Azul

Inner Light of Awareness Retreat

Integrated Biodynamic Farming Course

Integrative Yoga Teacher Training

Internationally Accredited Permaculture Design Certification

Iyengar Yoga Intensive

Japanese Permaculture Cooking

Jungle Camp - Punta Mona

Jungle Detox Retreat

Kid's nature day

Kula Collective - Yoga Teacher Training

Law of Attraction

Leadership Meeting on Environmental Sustainability

Lessons for Life - Living Foods Jungle Retreat

Let Nature Touch You, Herbal Photo Workshop

Living in Wellness Through Every Breath

Longevity Club of Costa Rica

Luna Yoga

Making Manifest Workshop: The Art of Consciously Dreaming into Being

Mandala Creation Art Series

Mandala Creation Beading

Mandala Creation Rock Painting

Medical Spanish (20 CEU)

Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica

Medicines from the Edge

Medicines from the Edge: A Tropical Herbal Convergence

Meditation Weekend - Sat Yoga Ashram

MFR, TRE, & Yin Yoga- Partner assisted Yoga

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class

Moon Mother Training Workshop - Level 1

My1FitLife - Find Your Fire

Mycelium Spirituality and Social Change Retreat

Mystic Heart Christmas Cacao Ceremony & Potluck

Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Natural Building Certificate

Natural Building Intensive

Natural Building Intensive - Finca Morpho

Natural Building Practicum - Rancho Mastatal

Natural Building Workshop

Natural Building:  Bamboo Construction

Natural Building:  Japanese Plastering

NuSeed Gathering

Organika Festival

Permaculture and Food Forest Creation (Part 2)

Permaculture and Yoga Course

Permaculture and Yoga Program (PYP)

Permaculture Apprenticeship

Permaculture Design Cert. Course

Permaculture Design Certificate - Rancho Delicioso

Permaculture Design Certificate Course - Finca Tierra

Permaculture Design Certification

Permaculture Design Certification Course

Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Design Course - Finca Tierra

Permaculture Design Course - Punta Mona

Permaculture Design Course - Rancho Mastatal

Permaculture Design Course - VerdEnergia

Permaculture Design Course & Natural Building Workshop

Permaculture Design Course @ Rancho Mastatal

Permaculture Design Course, Pachamama

Permaculture Design Course, Santuario Gamba Gam

Permaculture Design Course, Sat Yoga Ashram

Permaculture Design Course, VerdEnergia Pacifica

Permaculture Design Internship, Finca Tierra

Permaculture for Gringos

Permaculture Internship

Permaculture Internship, Finca Tierra

Permaculture Teacher Training

Permaculture Teacher Training Retreat

Photography Workshop

Plants as Medicine

Plants as Medicine: Reclaiming the Art of the Home Apothecary

Plants for Tropical Homesteads

Post-Envision, Four Elements Retreat

Presentation by Dr. Jane Goodall

Progressive Architectual Design and Building (Part 1)

Pruning Basics seminar with live field demonstration

Qigong Retreat

Radical responsibility training expand the box

Rainforest Council Gthering

Rainforest Medicine

Rainforest Medicine Council

Rainforest Plant Medicine Gathering

Rainforest Plant Medicines

Recetas de Comidas del Paraiso

Reconexión - Yoga y Medicina Tradicional China

Red Moon workshop

Reiki I & Reiki II

Renew and Rebalance - Re-Turn to Yourself

Renewable Energy (RETech)

Renewable Energy for the Developing World

Resilient Food Production

Return to Nature Retreat

Rocket Stove Workshop

Roots Gathering

Roses of AbunDance, Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Sacred Soundscapes

Salsa, Solstice, Sustainability

School in sustainable practices " El paso de la Danta"

Seed Festival

Seeing Men!

Selva Armonia Spa Day!

Semester in Wilderness Medicine

Shakti Yoga Costa Rica

Shamanic Journey Ceremony

Shamanic Permaculture Work Study Service

Sisterhood Gathering

Sisters of the Moon

Solar Electricity for the Developing World

Solar Power Project – A Hands On Workshop

SOL-FUL Getaway Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sound Healing Circle

Sound Medicine Journey

Spiritual Protection for Empaths Workshop

Stepping Into Your Wild Side

SUNY - ESF Ecological Engineering in the Tropics

Sustainability + the Environment

Sustainability Adventure

Sustainable Development Studies

Sustainable Homestead Design

Sustainable Living Expedition

Sustainable Summer Environmental Leadership

Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems

Synergy Acrocamp

Tai Chi & Raw Food Retreat

T'ai Chi Chih

T'ai Chi Chih 5 week course

T'ai Chi Chih class

Tai Chi Retreat

Tai-Chi & Raw Food Retreat

Talk: Introduction to Curanderismo with Paloma Cervantes

Taller de Composteras para espacios urbanos

Taller de Construccion en Bahareque

Taller de Plantas Medicinales

Taller sobre Carbón Biológicamente Activado

Tao of Pruning

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

The Art and Practice of Live Culture Fermentation

The Art of Cultivating Gratitude for Ultimate Healing

The Art of the Mandala

The Fruition Center for Thrivability

The Medicine Wheel Workshop

The Society - Service and Adventure Program

The Tao of Pruning

The Yoga of Love

Timber Frame Construction

Traditional Latino Medicine Intensive

Tribal Alliance Retreat

Tropical Agroecology Internship

Tropical Ecology + Conservation

Tropical Home Gardening and Medicinal Plants

Tropical Rejuvenation Retreat

Tropical Treasures/ Food as Medicine

Tropical Tree Climbing Adventure

Tuning with EARTH thru Song

Understanding the Chakras, exploring and painting your own

Unveiling Your Yes

Valentine's Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

Vanishing of the Bees

Vida Autentica Sunset FUNdraiser

Vision Quest

Waterfall Breath Training - The Facilitators Path

Waterfall Breath Training - The Self Healing Path

Wilderness First Responder Certification Course

Wilderness Medicine Semester

Wilderness Medicine Semester Course

Wood Fired Oven Building Workshop

World IT Forum (WITFOR)

World Resources Forum (LAC), International Sustainable Building Congress 2016 & III GREEN EXPO

World Surfing Games Beach Clean-Up

Yoga & Raw food retreat

Yoga Adventure Healing retreat

Yoga Experience

Yoga for the Immune System

Yoga in Harmony with Horses

Yoga Retreat

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training - Pachamama

Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs

Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs - Kula Collective

Yoga Teacher Training, PachaMama

Yoga with Horses, Multi Style YTT



Organic Producers and Suppliers


Cinco Ramas (Spices and super foods)
El Chante Vegano Restaurant
Elida Verela – Medicinal herbs (Certified)
La Verbena - The green market
Oscar Chacón Solano – Coffee (Certified)
Nagy (Pick-up and delivery)
Organic Farmers Market Upala
Carlos Zumbado Ramirez – Gluten free flours (Ceritfied)
Issac Busto Boza (Ceritfied)
Coopezarcero R.L. (APODAR) (Certified)
Finca Orgánica Tierra de Sueños
Maria Solis Arguello (Certified)
Agronorte (Certified)
Goats Milk and Cheese
Organic Pharmacy (Delivers)
Asociacion de Productores Organicos y Agrosostenibles (APOYA) (Certified)
Asociacion de Productores Organicos de Asentamiento Neda Turrialba (Certified)
Assukkar S.A. (Certified)
Bio Land
Emilce Fuentes Hernández - (Certified)

Hortalizas Girasol (Certificate in process)
Mercadito Azul
Organic Products  la Pavilla (Farm)
Rinconcito Orgánico Irazú (Certified)
Sergio Calderón Montero (Certificate in process)
Vida Verde, Organic Farm
Ziggy Farms (Farm) (Pickup and Delivery)
Bio Health Center - Store
Freskitica 100% Organic
Mercado Natural de Curri
Supermercado - Green Center – Eco Depot
Mama Toucan's Natural and Organic Foods
Farmers Market of the River
Asociacion de Productores Organicos APROCIMA (Certified)
Finca El Bosque (Certified)
Finca Kuxtal - Mushrooms
Finca Manantia (Certification in process)
Finca San Jose (Certification in process)
Organic Farm Santa Cecilia (Certified)
Sun Valley Products Dota
Búlali, Café y Repostería Artesanal Restaurant
Ditsú Nutrición and Organic Market
Joe’s Market
Mandala Restaurant
Mercado Contemporáneo – Organic Farmers Market
Orgánica Buena Tierra of  Escazú - Farmers Market
Mercadito de San Rafael (Certified)
Raw co. Juicery & Food (Pickup and Delivery)
Flying Tomato Restaurant
Organico Fortuna
Earth Matters
Farmers Market  & Organic Farm, San Luis
Farm Integral Orgánica – The Rodríguez Family farm
La Paz Farmers Market
Arroz Organico (Certified)
Eat Green Organic Market
Christina’s Bar & Grill Hideaway (Organic Restaurant)
La Cuchara Verde Positive Food Restaurant
Agroterra 100% Organic
ASOAREPAS (Certified)

Bio Bella Organics
El Mercadito Sano y Natural
Restaurant El Tigre Vestido & El Buho Bar
Empresas S.A. – Coffee (Certified)
Ez Natural Center for Wellness
Farm Sabellico Agricultura Orgánica (Certified)
Green Farmers MarketsGreen Solutions
Luis Carlos González Miranda (Certified)
Mario Marin – Coffee (Certified)
Mercado Verde
Pedro Murillo (Certified)
Pulperia Organica
Fruity Monkey Poop
Frutas y Tablas
Milk Café – Juice Bar
Green Room Cafe
Granja Biodinamica Mar Verde (Store)
Rugula Restaurant
Afropolitan Café Restaurant
Caribeans Coffee and Chocolate Factory
EARTH University
Isabel Morales Lopez (Certified)
Maylin Ortiz Arias (Certified)
Milenis Guzman Cortez (Certified)
Planta Rio Sixaola S.A. (Certified)
Appta (Certified)
Puerto Pirata Beach Retaurant
UCANEHU - Asociacion de pequenos productores de banano organico (Certified)
Mercado Ecológico El Guayabo (Market)
Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Villagra (Certified)
Bean and Bejuco Store
Organic Market - Nicoya
Eden Organic
Harmony Hotel Restaurant and Juice Bar
Jasmine's Kitchen Restaurant
La Bodega
Organic Deli-market - Nosara
Organic Farmers Market - Nosara
Nosara Organics
Osa Bella Gift Shop
Osa Natural
Soulful Organics (Pickup and Delivery)
Samaritan – Chocolate Xocolata (organic)
Finca Integral Organica Agroecologica Los Gansos
Coopeassa R.L. (Certified)
Brisas del Valle – Cleaning products
Colibri’s Corner (Pickup and Delivery)
Farmers Market Perez (Organic section)
Organic Delicatessen
New Dawn Center
Urban Farm Café
Vermiculture Compost
Cambria Gardens
Elizabeth’s Abastecedor
M & B Orgánico  (Pickup and Delivery)
Tinamaste Farmers Market - Vida Autentica (Mostly organic)
Veganissimo – Vegan Cheese and products
Bio Mercado Organic Grocery Store
Como en mi Casa Art Café Restaurant
Farmers Market Puerto Viejo (Organic section)
Agricultural and Artisan market (Organic section)
Finca Loroco - Bri Bri (Organic fruit and vegetables)
Jungle Goddess (Organic Fermented Foods)
Miley Grajal Ogranics (Pick-up and Delivery)
Talamanca Chocolate
Satori Peace Shop
Organic Store - Puntaranus
Salotto Del Pane Café
Evas Garden vegetarian & vegan
Farmers Market & Art 0 Samara
Café & Mercado Organics - Samara
LuvBurger - Samara
Exotico Camino del Tucano (Certified)
Keylor Chaves Alfaro (Certified)
Productos Agropecuarios Visa (Certified)
Rolando Soto (Certified)
Siany Villalobos Salas (Certified)
Zeneida Salas Mora
AFAORCA (Certified)
Dona Zoraida Organic Products
El Buho Vegetariano Restaurant
El Brotario
Farmers Market of  Trueque
Feria Verde de Aranjuez
IRIRIA: Green Store
LuvBurger – San Jose
Mauricio Guevara (Delivery Only)
Mundo Verde
Mushroom Factory (Certified)
Oh Veggies (Pickup and Delivery)
Orgánica Health & Deli Restaurant
Orgánico a su Casa (Delivery Only)
Organic Market – San Jose
Ravi Gastropub and Café
Raw To Go café
Siwa Juices - Organic Juice
Taza Amarilla – Organic Cafe
Verdisimo Alacena Vegana
Viandas Market – Local Organic (Pickup and Delivery)
AVerde Pura Comida
Frutas La Paquereña (Store)
Farmers Market San Ramon (Organic sections x3)
MAOPAC (Certified)
Miniferia Ecológica
Organic Farm of the River (Certified)
Supermercado - Green Center – Eco Depot
Cayita Pitahaya
La Misticanza (Market)
Chop it
Green World Store
Olam Pure Food
Organic Farmers Market – Santa Teresa
Alegria Soaps
Farmers Market – Tamarindo (Organic section)
Ono Juice
Farmers Market – Uvita (Organic section)






Organizations Supporting Organic Farmers


Asociacion de Productores Bio Ecologicos del Norte (PROBIO)
Rancho Margot
Asociacion de Productores Organicos de Asentamiento Neda Turrialba (Certified)
Asociacion de Productores Organicos de la Zona Norte de Cartago
Centro Nacional Especializado en Agricultura Organica INA
Finca Agroecologicas Vivencias Campesinas
Finca Tierra Permaculture
Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies
Universidad EARTH
Finca Morpho
Proyecto El Caracol
Costa Rica Center for Natural Living
El Paso de la Danta
New Dawn Educational Center
Abundant Eden Nursery
La Joya Del Sol
Regenesis 2020 / Travis Britzke
Vida Autentica
Planet One World
Rancho Delicioso
Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia
Molinos Verdes de Moringa - Permaculture
Movimiento de Agricultura Organica Costarricense (MAOCO)
Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center
VerdEnergia Pacifica
Upward Spirals


Solution Center’s Community powered workshops and events
May 2016 – Sept 2017



The NLP Model of Personal Identity and Behavior with Russ Giles

Vibrational Yin Yoga with Natashia Steenkamp

Boundaries & Consent: 6 Rules to Transform Your Life  with Kris Stone

Respiration Yoga by the river guided by Zander Hathaway

Dance your Magic - guided by Jenee Hallick

Group Hypnosis - guided by James Ayotte

Inspiring Living Foods Demonstration with Eric Rivkin

Slow Flow Yoga guided by Jenee Hallick

Foundations of Rapport with Russ Giles

Puppet Theater with Sara Luz

Exciting Kids games with Mary Fusion Estrella Azul

How to Take Your Business Online for Free with Adria Brunner

Abundance in the Garden of Eden by Parker Rogerson

Qigong with Dina Delaini

The Science of Chinese Medicine with Annie Gordon

Flow Yoga into Hypnosis guided by Jenee Hallick and James Ayotte

Rhythm and Play Sound Workshop with Xi and Jack

Song Circle with Kris Stone

Ceramics Workshop with Carolina Vanegas

Drumming Workshop with Eric Rivkin

Sound Medicine Journey with Vyola Myst

Allergy as the Cause of Disease with Ricky Brown

The Truth About Social Media Marketing with Aaron Bower

Walking Meditation with Kim McCann

Teaming: A Workshop Experiment with Russell Giles

Subtle Alignment with Rita Flemming

Food Demo: Nice Cream with Eric Rivkin

Morning Yoga with Amber Hagberg

Aligning with the Cosmic Womb with Thomas Sochowicz

Loving Kindness Meditation with Jananda

Breathwave with Sheya Jordan

Welcoming Wellness: A Guide into Holistic Health Practices with James Passatore

Addiction Community Process with Terra Entheos and Parker Rogerson

Ying Yang Vinyasa Flow with Asja Music

Mastering Freedom with Nicolas Dudet

How to Create a Large Vision of Yourself with Christine Van Loo

Manifesting the New Year with Parker Rogerson

Massage Circle with Lili Blue

Introduction to Systema with Jonathan McCaul

Live Music By Motif

Sacred Cacao, Superfood Medicine Sacrement with Zahrah Sita

Planetary Ascension with Jesse Blenn

Extreme Abundance via Forest Gardening with Travis Britzke

Yin Yang Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Asja Music

The Tyranny of Language with Russ Giles

Set Your Course for Self Improvement with Kenan Aldana

Manifesting Connection Through Dance with Luba Nikolayev

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with Fazilee

To entertain, educate; fill an aesthetic need: the art and science of seminar/workshop design and delivery with Russ Giles

Massage For Laymen with Amy Thornton M.S., LAc

The science of breath andthe mind-body connection with Patrick Ingrassia

Shift to Simplicity with Kenan Aldana

Bamboo Building 101 with Trey Abernethy

Open Your Voice for Vibration Self Healing with Vanessa Ellen

The Tyranny of Language with  Russ Giles

Conscious Relationship Tools: Level-Up Your Love Life & Make Your Relationships Amazing! with Kris Stone

Music Medicine with Vyola, Lili Blue and Jimmy

Dance Fit Yoga / NIA – The Joy of Movement with Beth Corwin

Regenerative Business: Creating Upward Spirals of Personal, Community, Ecological Regeneration with Eric Baudry

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