Meet the Founders


We are a team of social entrepreneurs, community builders and nature lovers building more effective, ecologically integral systems, to make it easier to live in balance with nature.


We are a regenerative think tank and consulting company helping intentional communities, small businesses, and social entrepreneurs develop organizations that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. We bring our skills in social enterprise, strategic and financial planning, organizational development, systemic thinking, project management and knowledge management to co-create solutions to the growth challenges facing many regenerative organizations today.


We spent the first half of our lives developing skills to enter a society we grew to find didn't resonate with our values, and wasn't designed to help us thrive. Once we realized how effectively we can build new systems, organizations, and communities, rather than finding fault with those that surround us, we have been working diligently to empower and facilitate a societal transition to a regenerative relationship with nature, for the benefit of all life.


We are deeply driven to help bring humanity back into balance with our ecosystem for the benefit of all life. We believe humans have the responsibility and opportunity to act as conservators and enhancers of nature. The goal of our projects is not to avoid environmental catastrophe, but rather to walk a more beautiful path into an uncertain future. Whether our ecosystem fails to support human life in decades or continues for millennia, we will build together a society worthy of the incredible beauty that surrounds us. In doing so we will maximize our chances of successful environmental outcomes, and we will live with hope, integrity and a deep gratitude for our interconnection.


Since 2014, Upward Spirals has developed several tools, services and programs which tens of thousands of people are using to live more regenerative lifestyles, for themselves, their communities, and future generations. We are also the creators of the Catalyst Network; a network of Costa Rica's most innovative and sustainable, regenerative lifestyle centers, trainings and retreats.


Our other social enterprises and impact programs include: The Learning Calendar, Organic Directory, Successful Retreats, Wellness and Educators Directory, Community Days, The Sustainable Living Expedition, Catalyst Management ConsultingSocial Enterprise Development and Sustainable Transition Design

And now we are thrilled to share The Regenerative Directory; Upward Spirals' latest project to connect people wanting to live more sustainable and regenerative lifestyles.


No costs, no ads, no selling of info, no censorship, all for community benefit and ecological impact ❤️


We’ve combined and upgraded our previous programs, weaving in the best of what we built into the Organic Directory, the Learning Calendar, Community Days, the Sustainable Living Expedition, the Wellness and Educators directory, the Regenerative Library and Much More.


We are effective because we are positive, hopeful, solutions focused, driven and we extend our sphere of love and influence to surround more than just ourselves.


Our team is honored to work with you as we guide humanity back into balance with nature. Together we will co-create the changes we know the world needs.


"The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation" -Buddha


Eric Baudry
Founder, CEO & Strategic Director

Eric Baudry Resume March 2022

Eric Baudry Bio March 2017

Happe Roberts
Founder, COO & Program Director

HappE Roberts Resume May 2018

HappE Roberts Bio April 2017

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