Zahrah Sita

Zahrah Sita

Zahrah Sita is a professional practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an herbalist, a health and wellness guide, a student and an enthusiast of plant medicines, and ancient indigenous wisdom and traditions. Zahrah has studied in many healing traditions and therapies including Ayurveda, nutrition, organ cleansing, fasting, kundalini yoga, shamanic healing traditions, conscious thought repatterning, and herbal traditions from throughout the world.

Zahrah has healed herself of several serious health issues, including cancer, by creating her own healing programs based on her intuition, studies, and experience with natural healing.
Zahrah now helps others free themselves of health troubles and manifest new levels of vibrant health for themselves.

Zahrah, and team, lead sacred cacao ceremonies with the Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Tribe. These ceremonies use cacao, the base ingredient for chocolate, as a sacred plant medicine to assist us in healing and opening our hearts. These ceremonies also incorporate live music, guided meditations, anointing of essential oils, healing touch, inspired movement, and more. Truly a magical experience!

Zahrah is a writer, a dancer, and a lover of all of the arts, nature, spirituality, indigenous traditions, and natural healing.

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