Slow Flow Yoga & Evolutionary Group Hypnosis

This two-part workshop will flow seamlessly from yoga into hypnosis, creating a profound synergy that will enhance the benefits of each modality. Slow Flow Yoga with Jenee will take you on a gentle journey inwards, to find a space where you can connect with something greater than you are, transcend your limiting beliefs and old stories about yourself, and know that anything is possible. Engage your body and breath in a loving flow, as you strengthen your connection with the infinite love that you are, awaken to the deeper truth of what is possible, and realize your true potential. As you relax into shavasana, feeling a renewed sense of vitality, joy, and gratitude, James will begin facilitating Evolutionary Hypnosis, with the aim of enhancing our collective self-sufficiency from the inside out. We will be led to identify, release, and reprogram habitual thought patterns, remembering that we are now and always whole, perfect, and complete expressions of the Divine.

Yoga Time

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