Yikes!! Not just any yard toad!

HappE: We’ve had these HUGE toads in the yard every night or so. Biggest toads we’ve ever seen. We just walk around them and let them be, a toad is a toad right? WRONG!!! Apparently, these toads (if you bite one) is deadly enough to kill a crocodile!!
We have been letting our dog out at night with these toads and are lucky he hasn’t bitten one or been squirted. They can squirt poison 2 meters!! Our kitten was pouncing on one last week on it’s daytime hiding hole. I decided to relocate it to the back yard where our kitten never goes. I picked it up in a towel and it ‘leaked’ all over the porch on the way to the back yard. I placed it in the grass and took it a few pictures before leaving it be. It ‘postured’ at me…. like “don’t come near me”. I had no idea it could of shot poison juice at my face.

All around lucky. A lesson learned to never take any creature for granted in the jungle.

Some info on Cane Toads

This is a Cane Toad. Big, warty and dangerous. These pictures were taken before we knew how crazy it was. We are going to relocated the toads out of the yard for safety of us and the animals.

4.21 DS and random 001

4.21 DS and random 002

4.21 DS and random 004

4.21 DS and random 005

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