We saw one of the biggest Waterfalls EVER!!

We went to a very small town called Los Chorros (not churros… delicious little cinnamon stick) where we heard of a waterfall, so we went to explore.
Off in the jungle we go.into the Jungle we go

We hiked down this beautiful trail to the river below where a lovely waterfall stood.

Jungle green

It was wonderful. The water was clear and cool. The waterfall calmly falling over the rocks below.

First waterfall

Shortly after we were admiring this waterfall, a family told us about another waterfall upstream…. a bigger, more amazing waterfall. They were very insistent we go. We looked around and saw no sign, trail or way. They pointed at the river and told us to go through the water towards the canyons, so that is what we did.

No wonder why we didn’t see a sign, or trail…. Bridge out, lol
Los Chorros waterfall bridge (8)
We went around this bend upstream and it was beautiful! Everything was damp, ferns grew on rocks and water was coming OUT of rocks. So magnificent!
Water coming out of rocks

And upstream we continued….

water coming out of rocks (2)

Soon after wading upstream, the air got loud, the rocks grew dense and we were getting wet from the mist in the air. We were going towards something huge…
We walked to one of the biggest most powerful waterfalls we have ever seen. It was creating a cyclone like effect through the rocks pushing massive amounts of water through these canyons. It was amazing!! So powerful and lucky to be alive.
Giant Waterfall

Looking UP!!!

Waterfall canyon

Whew!!! That was intense!
On our way back we strolled calmly through the stream.
We enjoyed a beautiful rainbow of leaves under the water.
underwater leaves
Stop to enjoy beauty, find a butterfly nearly drowning in the river….. perfect poem.
And a butterfly has been saved.
rescued butterfly

And turn back to see a rainbow under the waterfall. What a wonderful way to end the journey.
rainbow falls

That was a fun adventure with my bestie <3
eye smiles

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