Vanessa Ellen

Vanessa Ellen

When we embody the  vibration of love, all can be healed.

– Vanessa Ellen, Founder of Life in High Vibration

Vanessa’s life today is one continuous expression of service in supporting others to connect deeply with their own hearts through the many vibrations of love and harmony.

Her journey has gone from a life in design and advertising to a pivotal moment of awakening that now has her deep in the MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE NATURE OF ALL LIFE.

After experiencing a bout of depression she knew she had to make a change.
Various poignant moments of spiritual awakenings lead her to Africa, India, Portugal, Australia and Costa Rica where she now resides.

Vanessa faced her fears and committed to a journey of self healing, her deep intrigue for ancient cultures lead her to study Hinduism, other religions, cultures and meditation, whilst a spiritual awakening deep to her core during a sound bath awakened her to the power of sound vibration. It was this moment that she recognised the depth and power of sound and its vibration and how it has been used in ancient civilisations to change matter, Identity and the human vibration.Thus began Vanessa quest to understand human existence and deep intrigue for the lost and hidden wisdom of tribal medicine and ceremony.

Her kundalini awakening, where she describes it as sitting in the arms of God, lead her to becoming a Kambo medicine practitioner.

Vanessa’s deep commitment to change has demonstrated the absolute power of vibration, thought and sound.Using modalities of energy, meditation, cacao, vibrational sounds and healing tones, mantras, plant medicine and empathy.

She embodies the energies of Light Vibration, Mary Magdalene, Kali, nature and Plants Spirits, Vanessa offers a true conscious shift through her work.In knowing the truth of her own existence she can bring you closer to yours.

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