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Greetings from the rainforest!!



Eric here, connecting today to share a brief update about what’s new with Upward Spirals and the Diamante Solution Center.



Projects in the media

In case you didn’t see, our projects have been getting some great press recently. Culture Trip selected Diamante Center as one of the best places in Costa Rica to do yoga, and Collective Evolution published an amazing article about the Sustainable Living Expedition.



Upward Spirals presents

If you are interested in the big picture, and some of the strategies we’re using to create a regenerative economy, check out my latest presentation on regenerative business. We hope you find it a simple, and sobering yet encouraging elucidation of how we are creating an ecologically harmonious world through supporting social enterprises and developing re-localized collaborative communities.



Smithsonian students seek sustainable solutions

Today HappE and Zander are somehow floating through a 16-hour day at the Diamante Center supporting the Smithsonian Student Adventures group, our second opportunity to share the beauty of the area, and our passion for sustainability with the Smithsonian students.


Join U.S. on an Expedition!

We are excited to announce the next Sustainable Living Expedition is coming August 6th to 13th. Tickets are selling and we’ve awarded the first scholarship. Congratulations Tyus Allen, joining us in Costa Rica from the United States. Tyus’ application showed a deep dedication to creating a better world, a passion he’s capacitating by working to complete a DrPH program to become a Doctor of Public Health.


This Expedition will cover a range of regenerative living topics like organic food production, natural building, renewable energy, community development, and social benefit project organization. In case you missed it, here’s a video about the Expedition made by H.U.G.S. (Humans Unifying Global Solutions) during the March event.



Loving H.U.G.S.; parting gratitude

After 6 months of supporting Upward Spirals with marketing, event promotion and video production, the time has come for our organizational threads to stretch in new directions. We all grew a lot from our time working together, learning so much about what motivates us all to give our lives to the values we believe in. We never quite clarified our exact collaborative relationship, which in the business world might have been called a strategic alliance, though among those devoted to building a better world, we more often call it family.


For several months we each found ways to give from our hearts, sharing resources and using our talents to support each other. Our energetic exchange was an informal exercise in creating the gift economy, a beautiful and utopian notion of a group considering its success so interconnected and equally important that the benefits to the individual blur into selfless caring for the collective. If we had all been committed to regular communication about evolving needs, perhaps we could have continued the experiment a little longer. Though, we’re just human, and almost all relationships change, grow, and end, and the chaotic energy of these times ensure these eternal patterns will only intensify.


We all learned another lesson that in retrospect seems obvious, but I’m guessing it was the first time we had all been in this situation. Anyone who has been in a serious relationship knows that your partner’s spirituality, religion or worldview needs to be compatible (not necessarily the same) with yours for the relationship to work. A close organizational collaboration is very similar. Perhaps our organizations could have created more ways to work on projects together, though the difference in leadership style between using astrological systems to make managerial decisions, and our preference to use business process management strategies to guide projects, was foundationally too different for us to all feel fully satisfied seeking the middle.


As we move forward and learn from each other, whether we frame endings are failures or successes, what matters is how we grow from our experiences. These moments are profound opportunities to practice self-reflection, and to then transmute the energy of endings into drastically more vibrant futures. We all signed up for a lot of work when we committed to make the world better, let’s not feel sorry for ourselves when the lessons come. They are a gift.


On behalf of the entire Diamante Center and Upward Spirals team, thank you so much to Danielle Rodenroth and Thomas Sochowicz for your months of supporting the Center and promoting the Expedition. We probably didn’t ever adequately tell you how deeply we appreciated your contribution to our growth. Through Dani and Tom’s help with marketing and promotions, our first Sustainable Living Expedition was a financial success, a huge accomplishment since many new programs take some time to become breakeven. We wish you all the best in your future collaborations!


Whew that got a little emotional there 🙂


A part of me was reluctant to get into some of these details, insights that most organizations try to hide, not wanting to risk their reputation, as if somehow not being transparent about your faults is noble or admirable. I think if you are into what Upward Spirals is about, you don’t want to live in a pretend world, you want transparency from the people in your life. Maybe you’re willing to be uncomfortable a little if it’s for a good reason. And maybe if we all offer each other not only that vulnerability, but that example, as the social creatures we are, maybe we’ll grow a little. Maybe we’ll grow enough.


If we want to live in a new world, we can’t bring our old selves.


Thank you for reading about our projects, and our values, and for celebrating our humanity.


If you believe in what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and want to make it easier for us to do this vital work, get in touch.


With Love and Fierce Peacefulness,

Eric Baudry, on behalf of the Upward Spirals family



Eric Baudry and HappE Roberts
Co-Founders of Upward Spirals
Directors of the Diamante Solution Center



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