Update 2017 Volume 1

Greetings from the Rainforest!
March 2017



I am excited to share with you today the long-awaited update on Upward Spirals’ projects!


Upward Spirals is a nonprofit regenerative think tank and consulting company, making it easier to live in balance with nature. We’re building tools, templates, guides, business plans, and social benefit programs for leaders of regenerative projects, to help them accelerate the co-creation of a sustainable culture.


It appears that systemic, community-powered efforts on a global scale are needed to address the multiple overlapping challenges we seek to overcome as we transition as a society from a primarily extractive, consumptive way of life, to a regenerative, ecologically balanced culture.


To create systemic change quickly, the movement to create a regenerative culture needs to focus on effectively leveraging our resources, and we need to integrate models, tools and processes that magnify our impact and our efficiency. It is by focusing on upgrading eco-social Impact Centers*, through freely-supplied regenerative business models, innovative organizational operating systems, impactful community-benefit programs, and effective resource sharing networks, that we will create the exponential growth needed to respond to the systemic challenges and opportunities of this time.


[* Eco-social Impact Centers are typically small organizations and projects that create a regenerative society, directly or by supporting others who do. The range of ways they do this varies widely, though common examples are social enterprises, community development organizations, permaculture demonstration sites, ecovillages, sustainable food producers, holistic education centers, regenerative lifestyle promoters and supporters, and many more.]



The Diamante Solution Center

The Diamante Solution Center is the latest organization we’ve developed to accelerate our eco-social impact goals.


The Diamante Solution Center is a community benefit organization
co-creating an ecologically harmonious world by
hosting wellness and educational events,
developing local sharing economies,
supporting organic food systems,
and systematically empowering all organizations involved in building a regenerative society.


The Diamante Solution Center hosts events [video] coordinated by external producers, as well as programs created by Upward Spirals in collaboration with the local Diamante Valley community. We recently hosted the 7th Community Days, a free event we coordinate to connect the community and to develop the local sharing and gift economy. When we gathered over New Year’s eve, 20 educators and healers shared their passions and wisdoms in a range of regenerative living and integrative health topics with 120 guests. As of the most recent event we count over 50 presentations on achieving human potential, effective communication, optimal and sustainable diets, every type of yoga and meditation, permaculture, transition planning, community development and much more.




Hope you can join us at the next Community Days to share and grow from some of the most amazing educators, healers, and community builders I’ve ever met! We invite you to learn more about Community Days’ intentions, and see pictures and videos of both the event and the Solution Center, at http://www.diamantecenter.com/community-days.


We believe that co-creating and supporting the regenerative local community, and sharing our models and knowledge with others, is one of the most impactful things we can do for our personal, community, and environmental wellness. We refer to this as our Template Mission; one of the most effective and highly-leveraged solutions to society’s confluence of sustainability challenges.



The Sustainable Living Expedition

Upward Spirals and the Diamante Solution Center are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest social benefit program, the Sustainable Living Expedition!



In early March a diverse group of sustainability leaders and students joined Upward Spirals and the Sustainable Living Expedition network of regenerative lifestyle experts on a week-long educational adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica.


We toured organic food producers, natural building, food forestry, holistic education, renewable energy systems, and regenerative community development in action. We grew with knowledge, tools and connections to create sustainability locally and globally.


Check out the Expedition video made by Humans Unifying Global Solutions!


The mission of the Sustainable Living Expedition is to co-create a regenerative culture, by empowering people through transformative experiential education, to explore, design and successfully create more enriching, sustainable lifestyles that support and regenerate local communities and ecosystems for the betterment of all life. (Itinerary)




Learning Calendar: Costa Rica

Since it began, the Learning Calendar: Costa Rica has helped 85 organizers promote over 200 events to audiences throughout Costa Rica and internationally. Currently 2,000 visitors per month from 100 countries use the calendar to discover ways to experience greater personal wellness, and to become more sustainable individually and in their communities.



Organic Directory: Costa Rica

The Organic Directory: Costa Rica has been downloaded over ten thousand times by people searching for locations around the country to buy organic food. The directory was popular in the media, helping boost awareness of organic producers and Upward Spirals’ projects. We are currently on top of Google when searching for Organic Costa Rica.


The next edition of the Organic Directory will include resources to help producers transition from conventional to organic production, a list of organizations and educators supporting organic producers, and a guide on how to create an Organic Directory in other areas.



Regenerative Business Optimization & Social Enterprise Development

The economy can be thought of as a set of agreements we make with each other about how we will exchange resources, like money, time, materials, information. How we set those agreements results from what we value, and our perception of how much access we have to the resources we want.


The current global economy is based on imbalanced values and agreements that are corrosive to personal health, our communities, and the environment. Many factors indicate the old degenerative economy is in its final stages of decline, failing to serve the majority of the people using it, and devastating communities and nature as unsustainable resource consumption precipitates large systemic, societal, and environmental changes.


We need to develop regenerative local economies to replace the ones through which most people are currently meeting their needs. This is the most important and effective solution possible towards creating a regenerative society and restoring balance with nature.


Effective leadership in transitioning through the end of this economy, and into the development of a new ecologically and socially integral era is deeply lacking, and even more deeply needed.


Most of those with significant political or corporate power appear to be more focused on personal gain than acting on behalf of the highest benefit for all beings.


Regenerative leadership has a profoundly more integral set of motivations than political and corporate leadership. Regenerative leadership aims to connect, empower and magnify the efforts of the rest of the social enterprises, solutionaries, and actionists accepting responsibility for this vital cause. Regenerative leaders identify the communities of common purpose, understand their needs, and build new business models, organizations and tools to increase those organization’s ability to increase social, cultural, and living capital in their communities.


Regenerative enterprise extends an innovative range of strategies, models, and responsible business practices organizations can use to create financial value, and positive social and environmental impacts in their local and global communities. A regenerative enterprise goes beyond sustainability, acting as a beneficial force, improving and uplifting their community. As the ratio of organizations using regenerative practices increases, it accelerates a societal shift towards values that support healthfulness, collaboration and abundance, rather than degradation, competition and scarcity.


In 2016 we developed and piloted two programs for social entrepreneurs, Regenerative Business Optimization, and Social Enterprise Development to compliment the range of impact programs needed to empower regenerative organizational leadership. These incubation, consulting and implementation services are innovative resources for social entrepreneurs seeking to transform their organizations from ones that mostly benefit their shareholders, into powerful forces for creating thriving communities, which benefit everyone.











Upward Spirals and Diamante Solution Center Projects March 2017

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Our Growing Team

Our team has grown a lot since our last update! We’re working on a team page we’ll share on a future update.


For today though I want to share a special thanks and deep appreciation for Dave Ayotte, Danielle Rodenroth and Thomas Sochowicz. Partnering with Dave on the Diamante Solution Center has been transformative in our ability to achieve our impact goals. He had already been regenerating the land and renovating the buildings for a year before we aligned on running wellness, education and community development programs. His investments of so much time, money and love have provided a foundation upon which we are ecstatic to be able to join and offer our gifts. His heart-centered, conscious leadership is a true blessing to us and the community.




Through their nonprofit Humans Unifying Global Solutions (HUGS), Danielle and Thomas are ‘co-creating a thriving world through implementing nonviolent solutions, and bridging the gap between solutionaries and resources.’ Three months ago HUGS began supporting and accelerating Upward Spirals and Solution Center projects, a massive boost to our capacity. Our organizational intentions are so similar, we aligned quickly and easily on the opportunity to synergize. They contribute in so many ways, from working on projects together, sharing resources and connections, increasing awareness of programs through marketing and promotions, creating amazing videos and print media, event coordination and more.


We also want to recognize the significant participation, contributions, and dedication of Zander Hathaway, Asja Music, Russ Giles, Bolivar Cordero Gomez, Jose Maldonado, Ryan and Ronit Chamani D’Angelo, Jananda, Carolyn Trimmer, Tim Johnson, Bryan Claypool, Travis Britzke, Eric Garcia, Pascal and Marjorie Baudry, Olman Cerdas, Victor Montoya, Christian Rojas, Diego and Grettel Lopez, and Sender Quesada Badilla.


Zander Hathaway Asja Music Russ Giles Bolivar Cordero Gomez
Communication Specialist Food Systems Manager Seminar Leader Farm Manager



Design Your Future

The most effective way to create exponential systemic impact on a scale that matters, fast enough to make a difference, is to increase the capacity and potency of the organizations who are systematically empowering other organizations. We created Upward Spirals to fill the void of strategic planning and effective organization in the regenerative transition, and to bridge every resource we can to magnify the impact of all organizations working to co-create a regenerative society, for the benefit of all life.


If you believe in the importance and opportunity what we’re building, please consider supporting this vital work. If you are moved to invest in our projects to create a more beautiful future, now is the time we most need your help. Expanded budgets will enable us to work with more collaborators, to invest in hardware and software to leverage our time and reach, to acquire tools and materials to magnify program impacts and reduce costs, and to connect with philanthropists and foundations who want to empower organizations like Upward Spirals and the Diamante Solution Center to share our templates and programs with others.


It is time for us to develop within ourselves a culture of regeneration. We must become an ecologically balanced species, consciously rejuvenating the health of our planet, our communities, and therefore, invariably ourselves. To cultivate within ourselves this expanded sense of self, one that extends our beliefs of where our boundaries are, to include our environment and all the life around, and within us, is the greatest opportunity of our lives.


And if we do this work now, we’ll be giving this gift not just to ourselves, but to countless beings that will live beyond us if humans are ready to grow up, and grow into our responsibility as stewards of our beautiful home.


We believe we are positioned to support an expansive regenerative movement that will create the highest benefit for all life. We seek, and are ready for those who are moved to help us build this vision for everyone.




Eric Baudry and HappE Roberts
Co-founders of Upward Spirals
Directors of the Diamante Solution Center
[email protected]





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