The Truth about Social Media Marketing

The truth about Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing. What is it? If you have ever wondered how to use it to promote your personal or business brand, then you need to join our discussion! Everyone is on Social Media, so how do we use it to generate business? Aaron discusses the proper use of Social Media Marketing, and how to effectively market towards your audience and potential customers. Tactics will be shared, but the truth will be the focus of our conversation. Aaron will tell you what you need to know, in order to be successful online.
Some of the questions he will be answering:
– Do I really need social media?
– How do I create a viral campaign?
– Do I need the same social media handles?
– How do I create content?
– How often should I post?
– How many friends or followers should I have on Instagram?
– What should I know about hashtags?
– The Secret to Selling on Social.

About the speaker,

Aaron is a part of the virtual marketing team, Expert Marketeers ( He grew up in Canada and has been hacking the Internet since childhood.

In 2005, he used his internet connection to find an opportunity to start acting overseas in Asia. For the 6 years, he shot TV commercials in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Fast forward to 2011, he began to notice a lack of online marketing support for companies in Asia.

Nobody was using Social Media correctly, and something had to be done!

Seeking the opportunity to help more people, Aaron decided to dedicate his life to helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential online. Out of this decision, came the creation of Expert Marketeers.

Expert Marketeers if a virtual marketing team spread out across Canada, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. By providing 24/7 virtual marketing support, we have been helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams online. The goal Expert Marketeers is to create an engaging social media experience for clients that are only in the business of helping people.

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