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Have a sustainability or wellness event in Costa Rica? Promote it for free through the Learning Calendar!

Do you sell organic products? Or help people learn organic, permaculture or other environmentally beneficial methods? Promote your products and services for free on the Organic Directory!

Do you want to experience a week of nature, community, and learning about sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyles? Join Upward Spirals and an incredible network of experts on the Sustainable Living Expedition!

Do you run a social benefit business? Want to? We can help you grow your idea into a business that creates value for yourself, strengthens your community, and regenerates the environment.



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Event food planning calculator

Event budget

Event cash flow forecast

Social benefit business plan template


Coming soon!

How to promote and market your social benefit program or event

How to Coordinate a Community Sharing Event

How to Open a Wellness and Education Center

Social benefit project profit sharing model

Impact Center roles and responsibilities chart

Impact Center position and role descriptions


Presentations, essays, and articles (written by Upward Spirals)


Regenerative Business: Creating Upward Spirals of Personal, Community, and Ecological Regeneration

What Makes Food Sustainable?

The Sharing Economy as a Path to a Regenerative Future

Needs to Catalyze an Effective Regenerative Movement

Rapid Rise in Demand for Organic in Costa Rica


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