Japanese Permaculture Cooking

Japanese Permaculture Cooking:  An Introduction to Japanese Cooking and Permaculture 日本食とパーマカルチャーを紹介 DESCRIPTION Day 1 am Lesson 1: Japanese Cuisine 101 Structure and Diversity一汁三菜 Within the structure of brown rice, miso soup and three side dishes there is an abundance of diversity日本の食の豊かさ Introduction to essential ingredients欠かせない物の紹介 rice brown rice and rice…

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Farm to Table Fermentation

Learn how to ferment foods wherever you live!

Chefs, doctors, and scientists around the world are now saying what our grandmothers have always known: fermented foods are a delicious way to stay healthy, restore the immune system, and improve digestion.

Fermentation is an ancient technique for cultivating natural strains of probiotic microbes, while simultaneously transforming food into some of the world’s favorite delicacies.

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The Art and Practice of Live Culture Fermentation

  Class Description: Join Laura Killingbeck and the staff of Rancho Mastatal for this life-changing course.  Experience the Ranch’s tried and tested fermentation recipes, and leave with an understanding of the science and nutrition behind fermented foods as well as the skills to make your own ferments at home.  Fermentation…

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