Freedom From The Past

Early childhood emotions which have not been fully expressed, processed and resolved often burden one well into adulthood. The Freedom from the Past group focuses on creating a safe vessel in which to explore these emotions, ultimately releasing them and freeing the emotional body from their stranglehold. Gaining awareness of how one was

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Cycle Yoga

Yoga invites the practitioner to meet the inner space with awareness, self inquiry, and curiosity. When one listens, the expansion of the body continually reveals new layers of emotional energy, patterns of mind, and ultimately the brightening essence.

This work with Adya provides a sacred container to rest in presence and meet whatever arises, shedding layers of contraction and attachment, embracing the simplicity of the moment.

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Yoga Teacher Training

The PachaMama (Costa Rica) yoga teacher training embraces a holistic approach to the path of Yoga. Combining the wisdom of traditional yoga lineage with contemporary understanding of the body, emotional system, and spiritual practices, this training serves as a platform for self-inquiry and ignites a process of genuine transformation.

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