Sustainable Living Expedition with Upward Spirals

Join us for the world famous Sustainable Living Expedition; an 9 day / 8 night, all-inclusive, educational adventure where you’ll tour organic food production, green building, food forestry, renewable energy systems, and regenerative community development in action. Daily workshops and knowledge sharing sessions with Upward Spirals and other experts will share with you the knowledge, plans, tools and connections you need to create sustainability for yourself and in your communities.

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Natural Building Intensive – Finca Morpho

This course is designed for those who would like practical natural building skills and a better understanding of natural materials and applications. It would suit owner-developers, professional contractors, permaculturists, or anyone looking to build with regenerative and sustainable materials and methodologies. No prior experience or special skills are necessary. Just a reasonable level of physical fitness and willingness to learn.

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Sustainable Living Expedition

The sustainability opportunity of a lifetime. Grow your network, expand your knowledge, and experience regenerative lifestyles in paradise!

Design your life, find your tribe, on an educational expedition where you’ll tour sustainable solutions and regenerative communities in Costa Rica.

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Rocket Stove Workshop

Workshop will cover:

– Thermal dynamics of a rocket stove
– J-tube and L-tube design differences
– Cob, brick, earth and welded designs
– Wide variety of applications including a hot tub on site
– Feed tube design variations
– Riser design variations
– Cook spot variations
– Open top vs. reburn chamber
– And a lot more

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