Each collaboration is customized to match the needs of the producer with the strengths of their ideal center. The Successful Retreats model supports centers to be more efficient with their time, and helps producers fill their events and increase how many events they can produce each year.

Centers' roles

Center Management


* Maintenance of land, buildings, roads, trails, power, water, internet

* Venue Staffing

* Supply chain management

* Cleaning (Before / After)

* Prep center and kitchen

- (Beds, sheets, towels, hand-towels, TP, eco soap, eco cleaning supplies, yoga mats, first aid kit, coconut machete, hammocks, staging)

* Washer and Dryer, or laundry services

* Supply basic needs

- (Toilet paper, hand rags, towels, soaps, cleaning supplies, trash bags, etc)


Hospitality & Client Experience


* Guest welcome

* Cleaning, Provider support

* Activity coordination

* Spontaneous logistics and excursions during events

* Answering questions from guests about travel (CR specific, packing, safety and needs orientation)

* Room check-in

Upward Spirals' roles

Lead Generation, Client Relationships, Planning, Logistics & Admin


* Marketing and lead generation (PR, Promotions, Partnerships, and Event Production)

* Maintain supply chain (Food, Providers, Staff, Payment processors, Centers)

* Vision sessions (Assess how to best support event producer, and if we're a good fit)

* Client relationship management (Customize our services to event producer needs)

* Assess market viability of intended event and probability of success

* Assist producer to upgrade their itinerary design and event flow (Design activities, providers, transportation, food)

* Matching event vision and needs to best venue options

* Communications with event venues to help event producer select best match

* Financial planning, pricing strategies, budget and breakeven calculations, incentives/discounts

* Design or improve marketing plan for event producer (Strategies, tactics, media design)

* Answer event producer's questions about logistics, event production, marketing

* Write collaboration agreement, contracting (With event producer, center, providers, staff)

* Coordinate and receive deposit, pass on venue's share

* Confirm staff, transportation, providers, excursions, activities

* Venue connection (Coordinate all needs with venue: food, transportation, activities, payment)

* Gather, refine, and/or create marketing materials (Web, pics, vids, descriptions, bios)

* Add flyers to Learning Calendar, FB pages and websites

* Payment coordination at 30 days and closing (To center, transportation, activities, local currency and digital)

* Prepare simplified itinerary for team (Meal times, volume, special needs, transportation times)

* Design and print out schedule for guests

* Verify transportation (To venue, for excursions, leaving venue)

* Producer follow-up (Thank you, share pictures, feedback/testimonials, marketing communications)

* Share pictures and write-ups through social media, newsletter, etc

* Quality control, Review feedback and testimonials, Process refinement, Training

* Follow-up with producer about future collaboration

Event Hosting, Logistics & Hospitality


* Food Planning, Procurement, Preparation (Staffing, Meal plans, special requests, follow-up)

* Acquiring special retreat items as needed (Yoga mats, bolsters, projector, white board, kitchen items…)

* Prepare eco soap and bug spray packets for guests

* Guests' room arrangements (For selling room upgrades and counting occupancy totals)

* Staff orientation and discussing event needs

* Communicate with providers / ecotourism during event, coordinate directions and payment

* Payment processing from event guests as needed

* Produce and distribute testimonials and feedback

* On-call for emergencies and special requests