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A Solution Center is a self-replicating social benefit organization that builds a regenerative economy by supporting social enterprises and developing regenerative communities.


The Diamante Solution Center is a holistic wellness and education center, co-creating a regenerative community economy through community organization, hosting events, and training and connecting regenerative leaders.


We are creating a model organization, and sharing our templates and business models with all organizations working to create a regenerative culture.


Our Mission:


The Diamante Solution Center is a social benefit organization
co-creating an ecologically harmonious world
hosting wellness and educational events,
developing local sharing economies,
supporting organic food systems,
and systematically empowering all organizations
involved in building a regenerative society.



**Why do we need Solution Centers?**


The current global economy is based on imbalanced values and agreements that are corrosive to communities and the environment, and thus highly detrimental to those using it. A variety of factors indicate the old degenerative economy is in its final stages of decline, failing to serve the majority of the people using it, and devastating communities and nature as unsustainable resource consumption precipitates large systemic, societal, and environmental changes.



A Regenerative Economy is a system of trade and set of agreements that cultivates multi-capital abundance, leading to healthy people, collaborative communities, and thriving ecosystems. The Sharing Economy includes community organizing like ridesharing, tool sharing, community food forests, and other resource sharing networks.


We need to build new regenerative, locally based, economies to replace the ones through which most people are primarily meeting their needs. This is the most important and effective solution possible towards creating a regenerative culture and restoring balance with nature.


Regenerative business refers to a set of socially responsible, environmentally balanced, business systems, processes and models.  Regenerative businesses focus on creating value across a range of metrics, expanding far beyond the conventional focus on financial, material, and intellectual capital – choosing to include the other things we value in our world, like social capital, cultural capital, living capital, spiritual capital, and experiential capital.



To create exponential systemic impact, we need to effectively leverage our resources to create and share regenerative business models, innovative organizational operating systems, impactful programs, and effective resource sharing networks. We need to integrate holistic regenerative design principles into revenue models, business systems and processes, and knowledge management tools, and share them with other organizations working to build regenerative communities.



Some examples of what we’re creating:


  • Regenerative business models
  • HR, sales, and relationship management systems
  • Organizational development processes
  • Financial management and profit sharing models
  • Project management tools
  • Event planning and coordination templates, guides and tools


These tools make it easier for groups who don’t have business backgrounds or financial training to run effective social benefit programs, including developing sharing economies, supporting organic food systems, and hosting wellness and education events. By making it easier, profitable, and regenerative, we are massively increasing the number or organizations who can work together to create our better future.



By innovating and sharing regenerative organizational models, we participate in the co-creation of new environmentally and socially balanced economies;  simultaneously meeting human needs and honoring our deep interconnectedness with all life on earth. We are co-creating a future in which all are empowered and encouraged to participate, one in which we can sense, understand, and Live our interconnection with each other, our community, and the environment.





**What are the intentions of the Solution Center?**


  • Provide a rejuvenating space for guests and community members to connect with nature, and empower them to create personal and societal wellness.
  • Inspire and assist people to transition to increasingly regenerative lifestyles that improve local ecosystems and communities for the betterment of all life.
  • Develop and share organizational infrastructure (organizational models, regenerative business models and systems, collaboration models, impact models, social benefit programs, templates, guides, financing and fundraising plans, knowledge resources, project management tools) to systematically  facilitate and empower the behaviors, values, and projects of a regenerative society.
  • Develop social enterprises (like the Sustainable Living Expedition) to create resources and jobs for those systematically creating a regenerative society.
  • Strengthen organic and cooperative food systems by building demand for organic food, supporting organic food producers, and coordinating bulk organic distribution.
  • Organize and accelerate regenerative economic development by:
    -Developing and spreading collaborative, ecologically-balanced economic models.
    -Expanding and deepening local sharing economies, by supporting co-ops, resource sharing libraries (rides, tools, knowledge), Timebanks, and local currencies.
    -Developing and coordinating regenerative businesses through training programs and support services (through programs like Regenerative Business Optimization and Social Enterprise Development)
    -Training, empowering and connecting regenerative leaders.


“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” -Martin Luther King Jr.



**Profits go to impact**


All profits generated from the Center’s activities go towards regenerative businesses and social benefit programs that systematically work towards the highest benefit for all life. Profits are not accumulated by individuals, instead reinvested to create exponential impact through regenerative economic development, job creation and program expansion.




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