Spectacular Sauces

Spectacular Sauces

Inspiring Living Foods Demonstration taught by International Chef Eric Rivkin

A great tasting sauce, dip or dressing can turn simple, fresh food into a hearty, tasty meal. Learn to give fresh food a more appetizing look, intriguing flavor, tantalizing aroma, and provide the healthiest, most vibrant super nutrition and calories. With common local ingredients, Chef Eric will show you how to create a multi-purpose recipe with Central American flair that the whole family will love. No cooking necessary, just a blender, knife, creative spirit and intention for superior personal and planetary health!

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Internationally recognized Live-Foods Health Chef Eric Rivkin inspires and motivates people to build a foundation of sound nutrition principles and healthy eating habits. He creates easy, delicious recipes that meet what nature intended, raw food chefs to develop a creative cuisine with farm-fresh and wild superfoods. Eric is a 20-year “raw fooder” who healed serious allergy, digestive and skin problems with a living plant foods diet. He learned from top chefs of the Living Light Culinary Institute, and now shares his knowledge in classes and private consultations with people from all over the world. His renewed connection to Nature led him to Costa Rica, forming Jewel of the Sun where people who love reconnecting with nature, and come to draw from Eric’s expertise and creativity to make whole plant foods enjoyable for everyone.

Eric is considered the first living foods chef to teach to public schoolchildren, the American Culinary Federation, and education “prize” to Miss USA Pageant titleholders to teach plant based diets in their own homes. He’s also a raw food coach to top Olympic swimming coaches, doctors, restaurant/resort owners. Eric is dedicated to discovering the magic nutrition of wild foods, and creating healthy, delicious recipes with indigenous peoples in their own homes with food they grow or forage. His recipe book, TO LIVE FOR! sells internationally, contains over 450 recipes with over 250 free online photos at www.VivaLaRaw.org. You can reach him at [email protected] for further classes and consultations. Find amazing recipes and information at “Rawjedi” on Facebook.


” I love Eric’s style when it comes to showcasing raw living food at its best. I am very impressed with his kind heart and all the great work he is doing …and is living by example and inspiring so many. I recommend Eric to everyone when it comes to rejuvenation….raw foods and catering and so much more.” Nadia Tene, Raw Food Chef, Owner Seeds of Life Premier Spa, Los Angeles

“Part of the whole Raw Food excitement is the presentation – you are a Master! I have loved our classes together, and I have learned so much from you! But every time you come up with so much new creativity – I will be forever your student!”– Fateh Bolivar, Chef at Waterfall Villas, Costa Rica

Eric is a very very, very, very, times-a-million-ridiculously-how- does-he-do-it, talented Raw Chef. His work is more like ART than food! I look at the pictures of his food and it just makes me feel happy, like I can see all of the love that has gone into it! Eric is THE chef you want to hire for your event. If I could get married all over again, I would get Eric to cater my wedding. – Anna Rodgers, http://blog.missecoglam.com

“Eric is one of the best raw food chefs I have worked with. He created an outstanding menu for my wedding, and we also worked together on other recipe projects. In the raw food world Eric is a gem. His place in Costa Rica is remarkable – a true paradise on Earth. Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative” – Fred Patenaude, Author, Lecturer

 “Eric is one of the well-known long-term experts in the raw vegan lifestyle.” – Victoria Boutenko, author, lecturer, raw foods

“Thank you for helping me start and learn a new way of living, not just for the 25 lb-in-3-weeks-weight loss, but with how I view taking care of my temple of a body. It can only get better for myself and those around me who I can inspire.”- Amy Cornell, Michigan 

“Oh, Eric, what a life-changing journey with you. Your raw foods has inspired my mind, body and soul to work cohesively and more vividly than ever before. Leaving your abundant space a changed woman, feeling the closest to pure and the closest to the truest human form than ever before. My thoughts are clear, my stomach is happy, my heart is full, and so is my new raw vegan recipe to-do list. Thank you for opening up your home and heart for Jesso and I” –   Alyssa Curry, Jesso Lee, California, June 2016

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