Social Enterprise Development


Regenerative social enterprises are saving the world!



Join regenerative business experts Upward Spirals for a 13-week intensive organizational development program in southern Costa Rica. Learn the tools you need to run an impactful social benefit business, and equip yourself with strategic plans to create value for yourself, your community, and your ecosystem.


This innovative course for social entrepreneurs combines regenerative social benefit impact models, and conscious responsible business practices, with advanced financial and marketing management knowledge normally only found in MBA programs.


We have designed this unique educational experience to cover the breadth and depth you’ll need to create an organization which is not only financially, socially and environmentally sustainable, but one that acts as a beneficial, regenerative force in your community.


Eric Baudry, Strategic Director & Co-Founder of Upward Spirals has synthesized 15 years of strategic planning, organizational development, financial management, and business administration experience into the Social Enterprise Development and Regenerative Business Optimization programs. Eric has been helping organizations become more effective and sustainable since 2003. Originally for an international strategic consulting company serving the largest corporations in the world, and later for social entrepreneurs, community development organizations, and eco-social impact centers.





In our time together we will cover a range of topics you’ll need to develop your skills as a social entrepreneur.


Strategic growth plan

  • Vision and Goal Setting
  • Resource analysis (Determining resources needed for success, comparing with current levels, designing paths to close the gap)
  • Help setting priorities and determining the most leveraged path
  • Product development / Program development
  • Staffing, partnership, and strategic alliance planning
  • How to integrate regenerative values into your organization


Regenerative Business Models

  • Life-honoring, holistic impact models that create value for all life
  • Personal, community, and societal benefit business models
  • Integration of multi-capital models that recognize and cultivate the value of social capital, cultural, spiritual and living capital
  • Go beyond sustainability to become a beneficial force in improving and uplifting your community


Financial plans

  • Budgets
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Financing, fundraising, investing
  • Pricing strategy


Check out the program overview for detailed topics, learning outcomes, collaboration structure, and investment information.



All profits support our social benefit mission to create tools, guides, business plans, and impactful programs for leaders of regenerative organizations.


By working with our team of business and sustainability experts, you will create a symbiotic relationship that builds your business, supports our social mission, and creates an example to inspire others.



Learn more about the potential of regenerative business in our case study of Upward Spirals’ Sustainable Living Expedition. You can also download Eric’s latest presentation on Regenerative Business: Creating Upward Spirals of Personal, Community, and Ecological Regeneration, or check out 2016 graduate Kenan Aldana’s description of his experience in the program.


Contact us with any questions or to get started at Solutions@UpwardSpirals.Net.

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