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Association Community Carbon Trees (ACCT)

Jennifer Smith, the inspiring founder of this innovative nonprofit reforestation project, shares how her business model benefits the community, landowners, workers, volunteers, donors, and most importantly, the interconnected ecosystems around the world. While on site, they plant seeds and saplings to join over half a million diverse rainforest trees that Jenny’s team has planted near the equator.

Eric Baudry of Upward Spirals

Co-founder and Strategic Director Eric Baudry, co-developer of the Expedition shares an eye-opening and empowering presentation on how the declining global economy systematically converts nature and communities into financial commodities, and how we can use regenerative economics to create ecologically balanced thriving lifestyles and communities.


Escuela Paso de la Danta
with Chema Medina

A village school in sustainability and regenerative practices. Modeling the transition to a sustainable culture, society and economy.
The school's purpose is to empower youth with sustainability and regeneration practices so they have the right tools to better deal with the events of our times; climate change, and environmental impact.


Estrella Azul

Founders Roguer Kehler and Chantelle Mironuck tells a captivating story of how their young family transitioned from Canada to Costa Rica and converted a deforested property into a thriving homestead with microhydro electricity, food production, and site-appropriate structures. They also share how they became stewards for the local holistic school and are now connecting with more families in this developing community.

Finca Nube Nueve

Learn transitioning to a Sustainable Off-grid Homestead on a Budget.
Site Appropriate Structures and Renewable Energy on small family farm.

Fuente Verde Organic Farming Community

Tour Fuente Verde Organic Farm & Community, in the village of Las Tumbas, near the base of the spectacular Tinamaste Ridge. With fertile soils and abundant water, this 60-acre farm is as beautiful as it is bountiful. In accordance with permaculture principles, the residents aim to maintain a sustainable and diverse natural environment for future generations.

Intentional Community Panel Discussion

You're invited to a panel discussion where we will discuss ecovillages and intentional communities as regenerative solutions.

La Joya Del Sol

Renowned raw food chef, health coach, and expert arborist Eric Rivkin offers an amazing in-depth tour of his 167-acre off-grid homestead, featuring food production, reforestation areas, and renewable energy systems. After a delightful lunch demo, he taught the group about the personal, societal, and environmental benefits of a raw vegan diet.


M & B Organico

 Master organic farmers Bolivar and Marjorie bring us on a tour of their organic food production and distribution business. On a relatively small quarter acre, they grow enough food to feed their family and friends, sell at market, and deliver to nearby organic restaurants. The robust health and diversity of plants in their greenhouse was a testament to the efficacy of organic agriculture.


The New Dawn Center
with Ed Bernhardt

The New Dawn Center has created a “bio-support system” demonstrating permaculture practices in the tropics. Our organic gardens produce a year-round supply of nutritious food for family and students.
Ed Bernhardt, N.D. works with tropical medicinal plants & gardens in Costa Rica, and is the author of Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica.

Urban Farm Cafe

We are a cafe with a focus on healthy food, farm-to-table restaurant using mostly organic products and produced locally.
Our menu includes a wide variety of salads, wraps, milkshakes and other specialties such as vegetarian and vegan dishes


Vida Autentica

After visiting the local farmers market, Feria Tinamastes Agricultura, Melissa Sweet explains how her non-profit organization has evolved from educating farmers about organic agriculture, to building greenhouses for their graduates, to establishing the farmers market. In just three years, it has grown to include an astounding variety of fresh food, artisan products, and professional services. Vida Autentica has since started an annual Seed Exchange and led a grassroots movement that successfully banned the use of toxic agrochemicals in public spaces countywide.


Upward Spirals Expedition Team


Eric Baudry

During our time together on the Expedition, I will ensure the models and concepts we learn are as clear and directly usable as possible. My role in the week will be successful when you leave empowered, excited, and ready to create a more regenerative life.

HappE Roberts

My goal for our week together is to ensure your Expedition is a seamless experience, supported in every day so you can learn from the experts, immerse yourself in nature, and create space for you to accelerate your transformation.

Asja Music

Asja's unbelievably delicious vegan wizardry in the kitchen is a true gift. Her love for sharing healthy food to nourish the mind, body, and planet is an inspiration.

Zander Hathaway

Zander's supportive hospitality synergizes with HappE and Asja to provide an unforgettable experience of comfort and a true sense of family.

Timothy Johnson

The capable, courageous, and caring Tim helps extend the Expedition, an amazing guide on our epic adventure.

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