Sustainable Living Expedition

Past Itinerary

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Day 1
Monday 4th

  • Pick up from Envision box office Monday at 9am and pick up near San Jose airport
  • [Experience] Start your adventure with a trip to the beautiful Dominical beach. Playa Dominical is a small laid back surf town, with pristine beaches, souvenir shops, and restaurants – Go for a swim!
  • Enjoy lunch at Café Mono Congo Café Mono Congo is an open-air cafe with a beautiful view of where the river meets the ocean, with a delicious and healthy menu full of gluten free and vegan options
  • Drive up the mountains to the Somertime Inn in the Diamante Valley for check-in
  • Explore the on-site rivers, waterfalls, and, trails, or relax with some games, books, or hammocks by the pond
  • Dinner tonight (and all prepared meals throughout the Expedition) is an incredible buffet of gourmet, vegan, fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non-gmo, sustainably-sourced offerings to fuel your body, mind, and spirit. And abundant, rare tropical fruits for snacks and smoothies 
  • Campfire under the stars and meet the group


Day 2
Tuesday 5th

  • [Wellness] Connect with nature and yourself as Asja Music leads a transcendent yoga and meditation class surrounded by the rainforest and jungle sounds

  • Learn more about what to expect during the Expedition

  • [Discussion] How Farmer’s Markets create a more sustainable community – with Upward Spirals

  • [Experience] Visit the Tinamastes Organic Farmers Market

  • [Tour and Discussion] Fuente Verde Ecovillage Tour: Turning Degraded Lands into a Thriving Community - Eric Baudry with Upward Spirals

  • [Discussion] How the Farmers Market Supports Regenerative Lifestyles for Locals and Foreigners - with Vida Autentica founder Melissa Sweet

  • [Experience / Wellness] After dinner, join us a for super fun partner Acro Yoga class. Acro Yoga combines yoga, healing arts, and acrobatics, while connecting and bonding with our new friends. All experience levels encouraged to play. Or enjoy free time


Day 3:

Wednesday 6th


  • [Tour and Discussion] Visit the New Dawn Education Center to learn about tropical rainforest botanicals for natural health care with Ed Bernhardt, who literally wrote the book on the Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica. We will tour his gardens and see his production facilities and methods - Ed Bernhardt

  • [Experience] Get your hands in the dirt with Ed to have fun with plant cuttings, organic cultivation, compost tending and nature walks

  • Enjoy lunch at the Urban Farm Café: A healthy and delicious, mostly organic, farm-to-table restaurant

  • [Tour and Discussion] Tour a small thriving organic Costa Rican farm producing food for dozens of families on a small ¼ acre lot. Talk with local master farmers about producing for and selling to the market and restaurants - M & B Organico - Bolivar Gomez

  • After dinner we will choose and watch a regenerative documentary or enjoy free time.

Day 4

Thursday 7th

  • [Discussion and Tour] Visit Finca Nube Nueve: A fully off-grid, lush, sustainable homestead created by a family of Canadians who transitioned on a budget. Learn about affordable and efficient building styles, structures and creating renewable energy - Roguer Kehler

  • [Tour and Discussion] Visit Community Carbon Trees at their gorgeous reforestation nursery. Discuss how their innovative regenerative business model is creating benefits on multiple levels for nature and communities, locally and globally - Community Carbon Trees' Jenny Smith

  • [Experience] Plant Trees!!! We will plant baby trees with rich soil made by local Costa Rican women. We will plant cuttings, and seedlings while Jenny tells us about the special importance of equatorial reforestation

  • [Wellness] Travel to Solfeggio retreat center, a magical zen sanctuary where we will share a deeply grounding Qigong practice for sunset - Dina Delani

  • After dinner we’ll gather and share highlights from the adventure so far, or enjoy free time

Day 5
Friday 8th

  • [Discussion] Ecovillage community living: Successes, challenges and shifting perspectives – Intentional Community Panel

  • [Discussion] Effective agreements and expectations for community living - Upward Spirals

  • Travel to a majestic remote ecolodge for an overnight adventure!
    Visit Escuela Paso de la Danta: An off-grid village school in sustainable and regenerative practices in the beautiful coastal mountains above Uvita

  • [Tour and Discussion] Chema Medina, one of Costa Rica’s foremost experts on sustainability, shares and shows what he’s learned over the last 4 decades living off-grid, and how he’s applied it to create a thriving regenerative lifestyle - Chema Medina

  • Free time


Day 6
Saturday 9th 



  • [Discussion] On our 2nd day with Chema, he expands our minds by helping us understand who, and when, we are in the planetary and societal transformation. For those of us educated in North America and Europe, this eye-opening exploration is guaranteed to boggle the mind - Chema Medina

  • Travel back to the Somertime Inn in the Diamante Valley

  • Relaxing after our trip to Chema’s we’ll continue our mental exploration with a documentary that pulls it all together, or enjoy free time

Day 7
Sunday 10th


  • [Tour] Visit La Joya del Sol: A sustainable, off-grid, permaculture homestead with hundreds of fruit trees on 160 acres of primary and reforestation

  • [Discussion] Creating a Sustainable Homestead and a Regenerative Livelihood: From living off the fruits of the land, selling at market, making his own power, teaching vegan cooking classes and intensives, and educating people about sustainability/permaculture, Eric shows us some of the range of ways we can support ourselves and thrive in harmony with the planet and our community - Eric Rivkin

  • [Experience] Pick from the garden and we will prepare a farm-to-table lunch together

  • [Demo] Expert chef Eric Rivkin leads a raw vegan food demonstration and collaborative meal preparation – And eat lunch on the farm

  • [Discussion] Factors and Priorities in Selecting, Maintaining and Developing a Large Land Project for Community – with Eric Rivkin and Eric Baudry

  • [Choose Your Own Adventure] For the last recreation on the Expedition, you can relax and swim at an incredible river and waterfall at La Joya del Sol. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, consider joining us at Airborne Arts for an optional flying trapeze high above the rainforest canopy!

  • [Experience / Wellness] Let’s Dance!!! After dinner we’ll get moving with some Latin rhythms - Beth Corwin



Flying Trapeze with Airborne Arts!!!
= $75 per person

Please join us for 2 hours of high flying, mind blowing, heart lifting, unforgettable adventure. Our team will show you how to accomplish more than you ever imagined possible jumping, swinging, back flipping and so much more. Participants are secured in safety harnesses at all times. ​Beginners - pros are welcome.



Day 8
Monday 11th

  • [Discussion] How to create a sustainable business to meet your needs that strengthens your community and protects nature - Upward Spirals’ Eric Baudry


  • [Knowledge & File sharing] Receive thousands of how-to resources from our sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyles library covering every topic from natural building, organic food, renewable energy, community development, alternate currencies, and Much More

  • [Private Coaching] One-on-one session with an expert of your choice on a range of sustainability and holistic lifestyle topics related to health, business, event production, life transitions, and achieving your potential; get support on whatever you need to catalyze your goals

  • [Closing Session] We'll share highlights from our adventure together, discuss visions for the future, and connect with others with similar goals

  • Free Time

  • DANCE PARTY!! After dinner we will get our boogie on!

Day 9
Tuesday 12th


  • [Wellness] Closing yoga. Connect with nature and yourself as Asja Music leads a transcendent yoga and meditation class surrounded by the rainforest and jungle sounds
  • Pack your bags for check out of Somertime Inn by 9:30am
  • Free time at Dominical to grab any snacks or last minute shopping for 30 minutes
  • Shuttle departs Dominical at 10:30am to San Jose for guests with onward travel
  • Arrive at SJO between 2:00 - 2:30pm (make departure flights for 4:30pm or later)
  • Have fun!




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