Sustainable Living Expedition
Financial Assistance Program


Join us for the world’s first Sustainable Living Expedition; an 8 day / 7 night, all-inclusive, educational adventure where you’ll tour organic food production, green building, food forestry, renewable energy systems, and regenerative community development in action.
Upward Spirals will share with you the knowledge, plans, tools and connections you need to create sustainability for yourself and in your communities.


We have some financial assistance tickets.

(Before submitting an application, please consider if you can afford the ticket price.
The more people cover the full price, the more financial assistance tickets we can offer. Thank you for your reflection!)


We are also offering a free ticket to applicants who coordinate 2 full-paying guests.


Any questions about the Expedition or the scholarship program
call us local 506 – 8521 - 6016 / Toll-free 800 – 259 – 6061
Email SLE@UpwardSpirals.Net
Expedition details visit

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