Sustainable Living Expedition
Affiliate Partnership Program


The world’s first Sustainable Living
Expedition; an all-inclusive, ecotour and educational adventure where guests
will tour organic food production, renewable energy systems, green building,
food forestry and regenerative community development in action. Guests will
explore rivers, jungle trails, fruit walks and enjoy the famous Baru waterfall
(trail onsite). Upward Spirals will share knowledge, plans, tools and
connections guests can use to create sustainable lifestyles for themselves and
their communities.

Join Upward Spirals and an incredible team of sustainability experts in co-creating a
regenerative community in southern Costa Rica. We are a team of passionate and
talented social entrepreneurs, coordinating projects and events that help
people live in better balance with nature. The Sustainable Living Expedition is
the latest social benefit program we’ve designed to help people find healthful
lifestyles and build sustainable communities. All profits support the local
community and fund projects to build a sustainable world. We look forward to
working with you on these exciting projects!

Here we will introduce you to some of
the benefits and structures of the Affiliate Partnership Program. If you have
any questions or ideas of any kind, please get in touch!


Eric Baudry and HappE Roberts
Co-founders of Upward Spirals, Directors of the Diamante Center


Program details, promotion links and contact information

  • $1,000 Referral commission for signing up groups with unique dates

- We would prefer groups of 6 sign-ups or more
- $100 for each additional sign-up 7 and above
- Duration for a minimum of 7 days / 6 nights
- You can offer the 8th day at no extra charge
- Free ticket for yourself when you book the first group
(Or we can offer a 4 person program, for a commission of $100 per sign-up)


  • $100 Referral commission for individual sign-ups to pre-chosen dates
    - June 11th – 18th 2017 (8 days / 7 nights)
    - August 6th – 13th 2017 (8 days / 7 nights)
    - We will update you as we select future dates


  • Expeditions are All-inclusive for $1,325 per person (in a shared cabin)
    - 7 days / 6 nights (8th day free)
    - All transportation from/to San Jose on shared shuttle
    - 3 organic meals prepared each day
    - All education, workshops, tours and visits are included
    - We will customize the Expeditions to the interests of each group
    - Private cabin upgrade available for an additional $350 a week


  • Guests will stay at the incredible Diamante Center; a 22 hectares eco-lodge, with a kilometer of Baru river frontage, adjoining the Baru waterfall (aka Nauyaca) with private trail, only 15 minutes, to reach the base of the falls


  • There are pictures, descriptions and a sample itinerary at and We also have many resources, tools and media useful for marketing and promoting events, available at our press resources page and the resource library page


  • Once a group is interested, call 506-8521-6016 or email [email protected] with requested dates and we will confirm availability immediately


  • Your Affiliate commissions will be paid within 10 days from the end of the event


We look forward to working with you. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. We welcome questions, suggestions and feedback. Thank you!

Email [email protected]
Costa Rica 506-8521-6016
Toll-free 1-800-259-6061

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