Salt and Pepper?

HappE: So not knowing any Spanish has been tricky but fun. Everyone is so helpful and they really like trying to communicate with us.

We were at a restaurant where the girl spoke zero English. We ordered some food (that was Great) and started enjoying our meal. About half way through I wanted some salt and pepper. First of all, I did not know how to say “excuse me” in Spanish so I said “por favor” (please), to call her over. Lol. As she came over I realized I had noooo idea what the translation for salt and pepper would be. I started making hand gestures as if I were shaking something on my food with both hands (for salt AND pepper). She looked at me weird, so I did the gesture again and made the salt sound. For those who don’t know the salt sound, it goes like “che che che” really fast while shaking my imaginary salt and pepper on my food.

Well…. she comes back and hands me ketchup and mayo! So I smile, say “Gracias” and call it a tasty meal. Well I tried 🙂

(for the record, Salt = Sal
and pepper = Pimienta)


  1. This is very funny! Also I love the noise of Salt, “Che, che, che” lmfao!!! I dont know if your phones are capable but to help me with my spanish I have downloaded a free translator to use only when I come upon something unknown.

  2. I have a translator app that you can talk into and it spits out the local language, but it’s internet based so doesn’t work until I get my local SIM card set up. Luckily half the people here speak English and are super patient with our attempts to speak their language. Lots of hand-gestures and pointing helps 🙂 I can read reasonably and understand a little, but speaking is tricky so far. It probably won’t take too long since maybe half the words in Spanish are super similar to English and I get some practice everyday.

  3. Lol that is hilarious! Ketchup and Mayo??? hehehee

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