Russ Giles

Russ Giles is a certified master practitioner on Nero-Linguistic Programming, a life-long student of Psycho-Linguistics and has a masters in Philosophy rattling around somewhere in his dim checkered past. He and his wife, Sheri Cooke, have been full time residents of Costa Rica for the past 6 years and live just above San Isidro in Miravailles


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Russ has shared many inspiring and educational workshops to the community at the Diamante Center, a recent offering was on Seminar Design & Delivery, for which he wrote an excellent guide you can read here.

At July 2018’s Community Days, Russ and Sheri organized an intriguing and provocative discussion entitled “Relationships: Individual and Collective Agents of Evolution?”. As we explored how to deepen relationships and use them to develop personally and in groups, lots of useful tools and perspectives arose. Here’s some of the highlights.

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