Roadside oddities:

HappE: Things we’ve seen on the road around the country

  • Stray dogs EVERYWHERE. Hundreds roam the streets in every city. Oh and wild chickens and roosters.
  • The locals working on the farm get a ride home on the back of a tractor. Yes, that is 15-20 workers in a small trailer being pulled by a huge tractor.
  • A guy was wrangling a snake. That looks somewhat like it sounds… a guy + rope + snake =  snake wrangling. There was a 4 foot snake a guy had lassoed with a rope. The Snake did not look too happy.
  • A cow was out of a trailer and walking on the freeway, the farmers were trying to get him back. He just wanted to eat grass. Though, I don’t know why that seemed weird to me, when cows, horses and HUGE iguanas can be in the road at any moment.
  • A new road (freeway for this country) opened a couple years ago. There are no over passes, bridges or signals, just fast cars. People run across the freeway, bicycle on it and sell fruit and nuts to the cars stuck in traffic. People are just hanging out all over the freeway.
  • And today, I see a guy walking down the street with something over his shoulder, maybe to sell. Is it a red rug? nope. Is it a pink hammock? nope. Oh myyyyy, it’s 1/4 of a skinned cow slung over his shoulder as he is taking it home to his family. Wow, definitely NOT what i was expecting to see him hold. Wow! I am completely somewhere else.
  • Oh, and it’s common to walk around with machete on your belt. Must get one now 🙂

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