Regenerative Leadership Training

(In Development)

This innovative program teaches the most promising systemic solutions to sustainability challenges and how to implement them.

The Regenerative Leadership Training program is the first of its kind; a customized cultural-immersion leadership intensive retreat that teaches personal, community, and societal sustainability while organizing and advancing the environmental and social justice movement. Through a mix of classroom discussions, workshops, guided research, fieldwork in community organization and solution implementation, as well as opening and closing sessions to deepen awareness and build leadership skills, students will come to Costa Rica to learn with Upward Spirals how to become maximally effective regenerative leaders in their communities and businesses.

We are working with experts around the world to co-create the most advanced regenerative leadership curriculum possible. We are designing the program to holistically increase the leadership capacity of our guests by both teaching them to advance external sustainability, as well as cultivating personal consciousness development to synthesize a peaceful, balanced, effective leader.


External focus begins with cross-cultural assessments of our current environmental and societal challenges, and probable causes. Students will then explore the most promising systemic solutions to sustainability challenges, and will be shown a variety of learning path towards most efficiently advancing their preferred solutions. Participants will learn:

  • Values, strategies, methods and collaborative tools used to create new systemic solutions
  • Strategies and tactics of social movements
  • Existing organizations working to build a regenerative paradigm and how they can get involved
  • Policies and agendas influencing sustainability worldwide
  • How to organize communities to setup worker-owned co-ops, timebanks, community currencies, resource sharing libraries, home-schooling networks, and community food forests.
  • Principles of ecological economics and biomimicry
  • How to create a regenerative business plan that creates value for all
  • How to build coalitions, create consensus and manage change
  • Program development and project management skills


Focus continues within via:

  • A guided inquiry and coaching to discover and design student’s goals
  • Connecting with and learning from nature
  • Values of the new environmental stewardship paradigm
  • Aligning actions with values
  • Activities and tools to increase awareness
  • Maximizing helping energy
  • Optimal diet and health
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Communication and leadership skills development
  • Presence and cultivating a quiet mind
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Limiting beliefs, ego diminution
  • Spiritual alchemy: transforming suffering into awakening
  • Building willpower and overcoming dysfunctional habits
  • Unity consciousness and other high-power world views


Beyond our core and virtual staff, we have networked with a large group of excellent local educators to expand learning options for our students to a wider range of topics and a more configurable experience. This network allows us to offer world-class instruction in Permaculture, Appropriate tech and Green building, Community Organizing, Contemplative arts and tai chi, Reconnecting with nature, Sustainable farm systems, Food as medicine, Rainforest conservation, Raw-vegan food preparation, Reforestation, Yoga, and more.

Student investments go entirely to Upward Spirals’ social benefit objectives and our work organizing a global team of effective change agents implementing systemic solutions for sustainability.

Whenever possible we will create or find paid positions in community organization, activism, education, and regenerative business management for aligned graduates.

The end goal of our projects is a globally networked, mutually supportive, open-source, self-replicating team of passionate world changers operating the most powerful sustainability project management and skills development tool ever made.


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