Regenerative Business Case Study

The Sustainable Living Expedition


Upward Spirals designed the Sustainable Living Expedition to be one of the most regenerative, transformational education experiences possible. What are some of the main ways we integrated holistic, eco-social values into our business model?


– Community powered, community benefit

– Benefits to everyone, including society and nature

– Available to all (some people who can pay full price, sponsor full scholarships, some pay what you can, soon free online)

– The profits we generate are used to offer the expedition to more people, and to support other regenerative projects

– Educates through a diverse range of experts and cultural perspectives

– Transformative experience effects people on an emotional level, leading to profound changes (In a recent 12 guest Expedition: 3 people moving to CR, one went vegan, 3 people called the event life-changing)

– Expands people’s sense of self, to include their community and ecosystem. This aspect is one of the most important components of creating a regenerative culture

– Designed so that as the Expedition becomes more successful, it lifts up and brings more resources to the community and all the organizations that are part of the network.

– Increases the rate at which people interested in sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyles come to the community, increasing the quality of life for people living here, and creating more opportunities for collaboration

– Helps convert the local economy to local, organic food

– Accelerates reforestation projects

– Helps intentional communities to grow and be more successful

– Supports regenerative pioneers, innovators, and leaders

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