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What is the Sustainable Living Expedition?

The mission of the Sustainable Living Expedition is to co-create a regenerative culture, by empowering people through transformative experiential education, to explore, design and successfully create more enriching, sustainable lifestyles that support and regenerate local communities and ecosystems.


Come with us on a week-long educational expedition where you’ll explore sustainable solutions and ecologically harmonious living practices at many amazing projects across Costa Rica. You will learn from a diverse team of regenerative experts, how to increase your personal sustainability and how to share your growth with those around you.


The Sustainable Living Expedition is an educational adventure around southern Costa Rica, visiting successful examples of sustainable systems and learning through workshops and knowledge sharing sessions. Upward Spirals and the local community of regenerative living experts will support guests who wish to increase their personal sustainability at home, or integrate with local ecovillages looking for new community members.


Join us for the world’s first Sustainable Living Expedition; an educational adventure where you’ll tour organic food production, renewable energy systems, green building, food forestry and regenerative community development in action. With Upward Spirals you will gain the knowledge, plans, tools and connections you need to create sustainability for yourself and in your communities.



Learn more about the Sustainable Living Expedition, Upward Spirals, and the Diamante Solution Center

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Why did we create the Sustainable Living Expedition?

People everywhere are quickly becoming aware of the importance of living sustainably. We wanted to create an experiential learning adventure that both showcases the inspiring sustainable examples in Costa Rica, and that also helps our guests connect with all the knowledge, resources and plans they need to choose a more healthy and ecologically balanced life.


We designed the Expedition to be deeply beneficial for our guests, helping them increase their own sustainability and showing them how to co-create regenerative communities around themselves.


The Diamante Valley is home to hundreds of amazing pioneers, educators, healers; the most amazing place I have ever experienced for helping people transition to a lifestyle in balance with nature.


What eco-social impact goals are we achieving through the program?

  • Make it easier to live in balance with nature.
  • Inspire and empower people who wish to live more sustainably choose well by visiting successful models and connecting with regenerative leaders and pioneers.
  • Spread knowledge, tools and models people can use to create ecologically harmonious, collaborative communities.
  • Support the local regenerative lifestyles and sustainable solutions community.
  • Bringing more awareness to the host site’s projects and opportunities, leading to more people joining those communities, greater visibility and attendance at workshops, events, and internships.
  • Creating and spreading regenerative lifestyle and sustainable solutions knowledge, tools, planning resources, and connections.
  • Increasing our guests’ ability to make good choices that lead to personal and societal sustainability.
  • Create a bridge for resources from failing systems to support the co-creation of regenerative systems that benefit everyone.
  • The Expedition is part of a set of tools, guides, programs, and business plans we are building to help eco-social Impact Centers (ecovillages, education centers, demonstration sites) create regenerative economies and communities.
  • All profits support the Diamante Solution Center’s social benefit mission to create a regenerative local community and to provide tools and resources for other groups to do the same.


Useful Quotes:

“I believe we can teach humanity to be peaceful, cooperative, and ecologically balanced. And I believe we have to BE those qualities ourselves to achieve that result.” -Eric Baudry, Co-Founder of Upward Spirals

“The difference between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world’s problems” –Gandhi

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” -Joel Barker


Lodging, Facilities, and What is Included:

The Diamante Center can host 25 guests in either shared or private cabins.

Guests can come individually, with their families, or as part of a larger group.

Detailed description of what is included on the Sustainable Living Expedition (Accommodations, Meals, Travel, etc)

The event is hosted at and around the Diamante Center, in South Pacific Costa Rica. (A guest’s investment in the all-inclusive event includes a shuttle from San Jose airport to the Diamante Center.)


Best times to visit the Diamante Center and the South Pacific region of Costa Rica:

November through August.

Though some people prefer to visit Costa Rica during the ‘dry season’, many travelers coming to see the country for its lushness and biodiversity know those peak once the rains have started.

The driest months are December through April, and half of the entire year’s rain falls in September and October!


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