Our trip to Uvita

HappE: We traveled to Uvita, near Dominical by the beach to a festival south west from our house. It was so nice to be around familiar faces and music for a weekend. We stayed in this awesome house in the (very) JUNGLE with a few friends from the states and brought our pooch too. We had so much fun just doing nothing. We woke up every morning to hang out by the pool all day, and roll into the party fresh and went home to a nice bed. Festival is very different doing it this way…. not hard core AT ALL  🙂

We stayed in a Cabina in the back by the edge of the jungle. We woke very early in the mornings to the strangest noises, along with huge birds and howler monkeys “ooOOOoo OOO OOoooOO” then all was quiet. One morning we woke up to a gardener chopping plants with a machete right outside our window. I was half asleep and had an eye mask on my forehead, I opened up the door and shouted “DORMIR” to the gardener. In direct translation the means “TO SLEEP” he said “sorry” (in english) and left. Obviously when you shout “TO SLEEP” at someone, he probably knows my spanish isn’t the best. I tried to sleep after that, but kept cracking myself up at what I just said to the gardener. hahahaha

It poured rained one day, which was awesome, I wish I had videoed it. We saw monkeys (in the distance) and toucans in the rain. We’re gonna have to get a more water proof camera. Right after the rains followed bunches of butterflies too!! The jungle was great, but definitely gonna have to get used to more bugs… whew!

Stairs leading to our Cabina

Our home for the week "Monkey Hideout"

Our home/cabina for the week “Monkey Hideout”

picnic anyone

picnic anyone?

happy dog

happy dog


Where we stayed most of the time :)

Where we stayed most of the time 🙂

Some creature ate our bananas

Some creature ate our bananas

long flower

The jungle behind our cabina

The jungle behind our cabina

A couple pictures from the festival.

This bridge was made that day at the festival

This bridge was made that day at the festival. The water is chest deep. They made people walk through it last year. Rumor says there was a crocodile upstream, so stay on the bridge! lol

Uvita 011

The main stage at the festival


There was a crazy ‘Moon Crab’ migration happening in 2 out of the 6 days we were there. Thousands of crabs, (that apparently live in the forest some of their adult life) were migrating to the ocean to breed. There were crabs EVERY WHERE, all of a sudden too. Hundreds crossing the road at the same time. They are 4-5 inches round and very crunchy, Yuck. You couldn’t not drive over them, it was sad and very horrifying. I just screamed like Miss Muffet! But here’s NOT a video of crab suicide but a happy little crab. We’ll say ‘he made it’ 🙂



Coolest bug I have ever seen!!

Coolest bug I have ever seen!!

Really fun adventure!

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