Our trip to Montezuma

HappE: My friend Krystal and I took a trip to Montezuma. The trip was long and amazing. Very ‘Indiana Jones.” It took us about 7 hours to get there with many obstacles  along the way. We went through mainly dirt roads, went through rivers, past farms, cows, ox, detours, got lost in the most amazing locations. and took the LONG way around.
The journey makes most of a trip and this was quite the journey.


We found these Amazing Ginormous Beanstalk looking-like-things to start our journey.


We were stopped by a family of cow on the MAIN ROAD. Yes, everyone must drive through/past them to continue on the road.

Road guard


YES!!!! YES! A REAL OX pulled cart!!!
OMG these things were HUGE. The biggest hoofed creature I have every seen.

ox cart cut



Montezuma beachtime

Zen beach kid. Just watching the ocean, no toys or distractions, just himself and the sea.

zen beach kid

Ocean bursts

ocean shelf splash

Log bubble falls———————————————————-

We were greeted by some cool insects by our cabina.

fluffy moth

Leaf bug

flight moth


This moth was HUGE and those spots were TRANSPARENT. So pretty!

Moth w. transperent wings————————————————-

This Costa Rican beauty was wonderful. She packs up her ‘motorcycle’ with a table and all her crafts to sell by the beach. Her motorcycle has little pockets on it and her crafts made with love. She brings her little hammer and leather to make art along her way.
She matches this amazing ‘Costa Rican women’ character I imagined. She is perfect.

costa rican beauty———————————————————

This guy had climbed up a coconut (or palm tree) barefoot with a machete and was hacking at the leaves. These guys are Hardcore. I even saw guys fishing with just a rope AND one guy was fishing with a NET. Straight up ‘Lost’ style.


We were told by the locals that we can NOT leave until we see the infamous Waterfall (or two). So we stayed another day for another adventure. We weren’t ready for a big hike that day so we wore our flip flops to the river. We had no idea what was in store for us that day. We started our day in rocks taking pictures of the river and trees it was beautiful.

Tree waterfall

An older Costa Rican scrambled up the rocks barefoot through the river passing us. Krystal had mentioned he seemed like a Medicine Man. A few pictures later, I looked up and noticed the medicine man was calling us over. “Um, Krystal, it is time to go, the medicine man is calling and our train is leaving”

There we were, all of a sudden, following the barefoot medicine man through the jungle. We also had another couple join us as well. We were all very unequipped for a jungle trek and all of us took off our flip flops to follow this barefoot man. Yes, BAREFOOT! We all did it together, he took care of us the whole way and hardly spoke any english.

Tree money shot

Through the mud, over tree roots, rocks, used a rope to scale rocks, tip toed over some hills until we came across THEE Waterfall. OMG,  this was a powerful body of water.



This was our crazy Medicine Man doing a SWAN DIVE in the waterfall. Silly


On one of the detours, aka getting lost, aka led by magic….. we stopped to hear the HOWLER MONKEYS. They were so loud. They were right above us in the trees. As we were recording the sounds, we had noticed more MAGIC. Hundreds of butterflies on a rock and flying around. It was so beautiful, magical and full of fairy life. Never seen or heard anything like it.

Hands down one of the most beautiful butterflies I’ve ever seen.

brown beauty

Here is a link to my friend Krystal blog to the same trip, she also has pictures too


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