The NLP Model of Personal Identity and Behavior

The NLP Model of Personal Identity and Behavior

With Russ Giles

Probably about the time that human beings arrived at what we call rational thought, we have embarked upon a species quest to try to explain to ourselves why we behave in the way we do.  Various models of behavioral motivation have been introduced throughout the ages from gods/goddesses/spirits/imps/ devils & demons; positions of planets at conception/birth and movements of heavenly bodies; to modern times offering early childhood sexual repressions; varying archetypes, group fixations; toilet training; ancestral family aberrations, et al.

Nowadays we tend to look at and experiment with some of the new ‘leading’ edge psychologies, as well as, resurrected ancient wisdom’s for their healing/behavioral interventions WITHOUT really learning much about the model of behavioral reality that those systems use as their fundamental paradigm or wellspring.

This brief 2 hour workshop is comprised of three parts:  first, a discussion with brief exercises introducing the model upon which Neuro-Linguistic Programming is based; second; a description and practice with one of the key diagnostic tools used in NLP; and third, a specific behavioral change intervention that is commonly used to disappear phobic reactions.

Russ Giles is a certified master practitioner in NLP with post work in Family Constellations and psycho-linguistic.  He has often introduced NLP techniques in past presentations and figured it was about time to present the philosophic basis of this recent therapy. Russ abhors academic lecture so you can expect his typical irreverent and somewhat satirical approach to any subject regarding how we all attempt to mentally explain to ourselves why we do, feel, think and say all the crazy things that make up our fantasized rational and irrational behaviors.    

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