Monkeys and the Beach!

We went to Manuel Antonio National park and had a very close encounter with a Capuchin family. So cool!

Monkey peeking

puchin face at us

puchin grabinThis little Capuchin was happily eating her fruit while we took pictures. Then she drop it right in front of me, I could of touched her!!
I had my camera and filmed it.

After she was unable to find it and went back up in the trees, I found the little fruit she was looking for. I picked it up an placed it high in a crack in the tree. She happily came and got it and the pictures continued.

puchin and fruit

puchin face

Then we saw the cutest thing we have ever seen. One monkey laid down putting it’s belly on a branch just letting it’s feet dangle. Then a second monkey came face to face, and did the same thing, arms and feet dangling.
Then IT HAPPENED!!! They held hands…… and started kissing SQUEEEEEE!!!
The pictures came out blurry but worth it. OMG the cutest thing to see in nature.

Kissing monkies

kissing monkies 2

After watching these cute little monkeys, a third monkey came and did weird monkey acrobatics.
Fun to watch.

Monkey shadow branch

dragon fly

Then we were at the beach.
We were at Marina Bellena aka The Whale’s Tail. This is where on low tide, you can walk out very far to sea on a part of beach shaped like a whales tail.
It was pretty amazing to have ocean on both sides of us. The jungle comes right up to the ocean with amazing clouds. So beautiful.

Sand waves


Cute couple and beautiful Sunset.


And THIS is where Pineapples come from!

pina baby

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