Magical Zen Retreat Sanctuary

We invite you to experience a grander context for life on Earth.

Disconnect and reconnect to a natural flow in balance.

Synchronize your body, mind and spirit

with the rhythms of nature.



The heart and soul of the Sanctuary honors nature and the surrounding landscape. All structures honor the people who built them, honor the sustainably grown materials used and honor the inward journey with a country Zen style... Quiet and simple, allowing each element to express itself while framing the grander setting of nature and place.


While building each special habitation there was as much attention given to supporting harmonious working relationships as there was to integrating locally grown plantation teak and bamboo. Each handcrafted space has a special energy one can feel.

This sanctuary can house 14 to 16 people in 7 unique accommodations with creative bamboo details. All bedrooms have ceiling fans, one bedroom has a/c, rarely needed.  Our water is pure, air clean, and the setting peaceful...

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is the centerpiece of our Sanctuary and stage for international and local events that elevate the human spirit, empower personal growth, and cultivate a sense of connection.

The Pavilion practice/event space has a 27' x 23' teak floor with an additional 10'x 10' space, a 6' plus curved area, plus a small kitchen and bathroom.


 Grounds & Gardens

Our setting is pure Costa Rica! A private, peaceful, country sanctuary alive and vibrant. Walk to and from The Pavilion on a pineapple lined trail. 1000 mixed native tree species and fruit trees were planted to feed the animals,fill in watershed areas, create orchards and shade. Hundreds of flowers have been planted, as well as, 16 species of bamboo planted for their beauty, grace, and use in future construction and creations.The sanctuary is also home to a variety of naturally existing bromeliads, orchids and other epiphytes found in trees and on rocks. And also grows medicinal herbs and plants, and a variety of unusual organic fruits and vegetables.


Trails & Wildlife

Walk into the forest on well-maintained trails to a giant Ceiba tree, Sacred Tree of the Maya. Our magical property is home to many... coatis, agoutis, tayras, anteaters, sloths, kinkajous, Capuchin Monkeys just to name a few. The property is also graced by a myriad of butterfly and bird species. To see a Morpho Butterfly is a daily event!


What people are saying:

"I cannot imagine a more perfect setting for the deep, transformative and joyful shifts I experienced. Because the Soul of land is so deepy loved and cared for by Dina, magical healing, expansion and growth occur here on a regular basis. The accommodations are beautiful and the food was outstanding!! Perched on the edge of the jungle and only 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, it embodies the sophistication of a tranquil retreat setting. Allow yourself to connect to the heart of Costa Rica through your experience." -- Joan D.

My experience was so far beyond any expectations I may not have the words to express how transformative my experience was – and still is. I experienced relaxation, connection, abundance, growth, energy, peace and love…. We seemed to fall into a place of grace, growth and transformation… The food was obviously made with loving attention, using natural and wholesome ingredients that are locally available. And the truth was in the taste… Wow!! I was awed, amazed and grateful for the gift of visiting that beautiful Ceiba tree...and Thank you, Dina, for the unexpected gift of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong. I’m working to incorporate the movements, self-massages and self-care into my daily practice... I don’t think we could find a more perfect place for our community to replenish our yoga practice… -- Marj C.

The sacred energy of the land is impressionable upon arrival… peacefully calm and solidly grounding with a stabilizing and healing vibration that feels like coming back Home. I experienced true connection and nourishment from the Earth and soaking it all in was beyond grounding; it was a communion… I followed Dina’s suggestion to disconnect from my cell phone and other distractions of the external world.  This disconnection facilitated true reconnection with my soul and I was nourished by the land and the healing experience of it in profound ways. -- Alicia B.

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