Living Optimally




Wellness Gangsters Presents:

Living Optimally

A Costa Rican Transformational Retreat

Recharge, Renew, and Upgrade your life

When?  April 29th – May 4th 2016

Where?  Uvita, Costa Rica

∆   A unique retreat to optimize your life while immersing yourself in the magic of the Costa Rican jungle.

∆   Experience workshops transforming how you eat, think, and move your body.

∆   Enjoy daily yoga led by experienced & certified yogis on our breathtaking yoga deck on top of a sacred waterfall.

∆   Escape to 3 different awe inspiring waterfalls walking distance from our Eco-Village.  


Here is what’s included:

-5 night, 6 day stay within walking distance to world-renowned waterfalls

-Organic, Raw meals 3x/day

-Daily yoga classes

-Workshops on Nutrition, Cognition, and Condition to optimize how you eat, think, and move.

-Waterfall excursions to pristine, sacred waterfalls to rewild yourself into nature

-Sound Healing

-Astral Projection meditation

-Transportation to and from San Jose, Costa Rica airport

Not Included:  airfare

Cognition Workshop:

What you become in life is determined by your actions.
Your actions are governed by your thoughts.
Your thoughts can be influenced by society, diet, lifestyle & subconscious manufactured belief systems you have prescribed to for years.
But if you can bring attention to these influencers and begin to master them, you can choose your thoughts, control your actions and then become who you truly are.

Our Cognition Workshop does just that:  empowering you to optimize the way you think to better master your life.


  • Mindfulness, meditation, & respond instead of react
  • Ancient philosophies mapping an optimal code of living for modern times
  • How to use sound to induce specific brain waves you desire
  • How to triple your reading speed
  • Nootropics, herbal supplements, and “brainfood”

Nutrition Workshop:

We believe you can have your cake and eat it too.
Food should be enjoyed and respected as a loving relationship with your body.
If you can optimize how you eat, not only will you improve every facet of your life, you will better the lives of others and the planet.

Our Nutrition Workshop provides just that:  ingredients to curate a better life through food.


  • Why diets fail & the solution
  • Superfoods and how they will transform your life
  • How to supercharge your beverages
  • Recipes, demonstrations, and tastings
  • Detailed information on the most powerful herbs & tonics
  • Probiotics & importance of fermented foods
  • Homemade nut butters and alternative milks

Condition Workshop:

The physical condition of your body is the vehicle that allows you to experience being human.
Therefore, by optimizing it, you induce a greater quality of life.
Unfortunately, most of us aren’t instructed on how to properly move our physical bodies to generate a better experience.

But, our Condition Workshop does just that:  provides you with the tools to master your physical body in this world.


  • Proper posture for sitting, standing, walking, running & sleeping
  • Sleep hacks to achieve the best night’s rest
  • Breathing exercises & yoga postures to regulate mood & benefit physical body
  • State of Flow & how to achieve it
  • Functional Fitness & Mindful Movement

The magic of Costa Rica will provide you with a chance to re-immerse yourself into nature, hike to sacred waterfalls, swim at pristine beaches, and relax among the jungle treetops. We guarantee this experience will transform and recharge you, re-connecting you back to you. Not to mention the amount of connections and life-long friendships you will make with like-minded individuals.



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