Liberated by Light

Sweat your prayers

Includes; Pickup and drop off from the San Jose airport. Transportation, beach day, and lodging at the beautiful Diamante Healing Retreat Center located in the pristine Tinamastes Valley, at the top of “the most stunning, three tier waterfall and pools, in all of southern Costa Rica” with access to nature hikes, and wildlife.

Daily yoga instruction in the Ancient Patanjali lineage of balance, alignment and integration of mind, body and spirit with lifetime long practitioner Rita Jean Flemming.

Introduction to preparatory Pranayama. Hands-on education in cellular and genetic regeneration through detoxification with trained specialist. Nature-relaxation-spa-day. Sweat lodge with local Elder, trained in NVC. Fasting on fruit and coconut water for two days. Two days of silent contemplation to dive deeper into self-knowing and connect with one’s unlimited creative gifts through yoga, meditation, nature, and gratitude journaling. Sound healing, and fresh, organic raw foods!

Please join us for a transformative experience of a lifetime. Cellular regeneration. Community celebration. Whole-foods. Vision-fasting. Creativity. Connection to one’s unlimited divine nature. Purifying, alkalizing, stunning nature and waterfalls. This is a concentrated dose of full-potential activation. I invite you to explore the untamed beauty of your Soul in union with the untamed beauty of Nature!

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