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Skills and Interests

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Are you interested in research and knowledge building?

Compile information we’ll use to effectively advance our projects. We’ll use it to create comprehensive business plans and spread knowledge to advance sustainability globally.

Are you interested in being creative and artistic?

Compile or create images, graphics, presentations, infographics. Make presentation material more relatable and attractive.

Do you like social media, forums and want to promote?

Spread the word about our work or projects in your community and online. Help us reach the critical mass of helpers needed to expand our work globally.

Are you interested in Community Building or local economic development?

Help us organize community projects and build the sharing economy.

Are you interested in teaching?

Teach one-on-one or in a group about these important topics. You do not have to be located near us to teach.

Do you have business and / or marketing experience?

Help us with business plans, business filings, or develop marketing and promotional materials.

Are you fluent in Spanish?

Research Spanish websites and translate our English presentations into Spanish.

Would you like to help us with fundraising and resources?

Help us raise money by sharing resources, write grants, hold fundraising events or help us connect with people who can help.



What computer skills do you have?

Are there any other skills you want to contribute, add or see happen?

Please describe your thoughts.

It’s going to take a large team, working on a variety of issues around the world to enact the changes we need.

Do you want to help in Costa Rica?

Time availability and financial need


Core Values

(Pick TOP 5)

Intrinsic Values

These are the intangible rewards, those related to motivation and satisfaction on a daily basis. They provide the inner satisfaction and motivation that make people say, "I love getting up and going to work!"

How important are these intrinsic values to you?

 1 star NOT important | 5 stars VERY important


Extrinsic Values

Extrinsic motivation comes from outside yourself. It includes the goals, values, and interests of others as they affect you.

How important are these extrinsic values to you?

 1 star NOT important | 5 stars VERY important

Your values are those elements of your life which you find personally important.
They are core beliefs which guide you on how to conduct your life in a way that is meaningful and satisfying for you.


We would love to hear what you are passionate about, what excites you and what puts a smile on your face.

What puts a smile on your face?

Is there a particular event, a particular topic that makes your whole face just lighten up? Or that perhaps something you used to do that brings total peace to you when you do it.

What sparks your creativity? What do you find easy?

Think about something in your life where you seem to always expand its horizon, always coming up with new, fun, and exciting ideas relating to that subject.

What would you do for free?

Think about something that you would just love to do, even if you were not getting paid. Think about something that you look forward to do, something that you wish you could do all the time.


What is your personal mission?

What do you hope to achieve and how do you work towards that?

What do you hope to gain from your experience with the team?

Sustainability Interests

Which 3 sustainability topics are you currently most passionate about?

Health and Happiness

Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and well being.


Teaching peaceful, ecologically cooperative lifestyle skills and an understanding of the interconnectedness between environment and society.

Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable and healthy products, such as those with
low embodied energy, sourced locally,
made from renewable or waste resources.

Community, Culture and World View

Respecting and reviving local identity, wisdom and culture; encouraging the involvement of people in shaping their community and creating a new culture of regeneration.

Sustainable Water

Using water efficiently in buildings, farming and manufacturing. Designing to avoid local issues such as flooding, drought and water course pollution.

Local and Sustainable Food

Supporting sustainable and humane farming, promoting access to healthy, low impact, local, seasonal and organic diets and reducing food waste.

Governance and Policy

Ecologically and socially just laws and institutions. Policies that support people and nature over profits and power.

Sustainable Transport

Reducing the need to travel, and encouraging low and zero carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions.

Zero Waste

Reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill.

Zero Carbon

Building and transportation energy efficiency, renewable energy, low footprint diets.

Land Use and Wildlife

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and creating new natural habitats through good land use and integration into the built environment.

Equity and Local Economy

Creating economies that support equity and diverse local employment and fair trade.

Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps our lives filled with meaning and excitement. Passion is a powerful force in accomplishing anything you set your mind to, and in experiencing life and work to the fullest extent.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

We will be effective because we are positive, hopeful, solutions focused, driven and we extend our sphere of love and influence to surround more than just ourselves. Together we will co-create the changes we know the world needs. We are honored to work with you and our growing team to guide humanity back into balance with nature.

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