James Ayotte

James Ayotte

Knowing experience is the best teacher, James’ personal and professional experiences have prepared him for meeting people where they are in their behavior change process. He facilitates (makes easier) a more gentle and complete behavior shift for those ready, motivated and committed to evolving through life challenges. After all, the teacher is the student as the student is also the teacher!

With a wholistic approach to behavior change and over 18 years of experience consulting to hospitals, HMO’s, corporations, highschools, and government agencies in the New England area, he bridges Science and Spirituality using Energy Medicine Modalities to re-establish inner and outer harmony and peace.

Travel to over 22 countries has provided a broad range of cultural experiences adding to the adaptability of his presentation skills in any environment. Responding to the request and need of his client base, James authored and produced a CD compilation designed as tools to further support those who come to him for assistance.

James is a catalyst for change with a focus on teamwork, joy and simplicity.


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