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Upward Spirals’ work creating tools for regenerative leaders needs the support of visionaries who see the opportunity to invest their resources to create deep social and environmental impact.


Our projects integrate sustainability, economics, and community to create the most leveraged and promising solutions to a confluence of global sustainability issues. Please consider contributing to our work creating the regenerative world our hearts know is possible.


Today we need people to support our first fundraiser, to share capacity building resources to complete our foundation phase in preparation for rapid growth. Supporters have an opportunity to provide vital leadership during the most important cultural transition in human history.


We envision, and are developing, a global network of holistic economic development centers using regenerative models and tools to systematically co-create a healthy planet, economy, and communities.


By empowering Upward Spirals to expand programs and create revenue streams, that in turn empower Impact Centers around the world, supporters exponentially magnify the impact of their investments, greatly accelerating the development of a regenerative economy.



Why it is vital we do this work now

The current global economy is based on imbalanced values and agreements that are corrosive to communities and the environment, and thus highly detrimental to those using it. A variety of factors indicate the old degenerative economy is in its final stages of decline, failing to serve the majority of the people using it, and devastating communities and nature as unsustainable resource consumption precipitates large systemic, societal, and environmental changes.


Our declining systems can be redesigned and replaced, and the need to do so is undeniable. If we unite, align, and support each other around our shared desire to live in a regenerative world, we can evolve old systems where possible, and more frequently, develop new ecologically and socially integral, life-honoring systems that can regenerate our communities and the environment.


It is vital that we prioritize systemic solutions over fixing symptoms. We need to scale regenerative solutions at exponential rates through effective resource sharing networks. We need to build new regenerative, locally based, economies to replace the ones through which most people are primarily meeting their needs. This is the most important and effective solution possible towards creating a regenerative culture and restoring balance with nature.


How we will rapidly transition to a regenerative world

Through developing and sharing an effective regenerative ‘operating system’ for eco-social Impact Centers, we’re making it easy and profitable for them to organize social benefit programs, and develop their local regenerative economy. We can efficiently accelerate a regenerative world through freely supplying Impact Centers with regenerative business models, innovative organizational operating systems, impactful community-benefit programs, and effective resource sharing networks.


We believe that by working to systematically magnify the impact of all regenerative project leaders, we can best leverage our collective efforts, and respond effectively to the systemic challenges and opportunities of this time.


(Click for a downloadable pdf with details and links)



Most likely those reading this are somewhat familiar with Upward Spirals and/or the Diamante Solution Center. You might be aware we’ve spent most of the last few years developing and preparing to organize a range of impactful and regenerative social benefit programs.


Once we realized how effectively we can build new systems, organizations, and communities, rather than finding fault with those that surround us, we have been working diligently to empower and facilitate a societal transition to a regenerative relationship with nature, for the benefit of all life.


Upward Spirals and the Diamante Solution Center are the most leveraged solutions to achieve environmental and community regeneration we could develop integrating our understanding of strategy, economics, sustainability, culture, and consciousness. The social benefit organizations, community building programs, and knowledge base we are creating, in the hands of a global network of implementation centers, represents the greatest improvement to holistic, conscious leadership we can envision.


Our systemic, regenerative projects to date include: The Learning Calendar, the Organic Directory, the Diamante Solution Center, Community Days, Social Enterprise Development and Regenerative Business Optimization, and most recently the Sustainable Living Expedition.


What we’re going to do next

We are ready to expand our work integrating holistic regenerative principles into business process and knowledge management tools, to share with other eco-social Impact Centers to help them develop sustainable businesses and build a regenerative economy.


And we are now ready to expand the Sustainable Living Expedition into universities, and across Costa Rica through travel agents, tour guides, and a strong organizational network.


The primary benefits of success in this current phase of expansion:

  • Sustainable solutions projects and communities getting more resources, awareness and new members
  • Regenerative leaders across Costa Rica supported with an increasing range of tools, knowledge, and support services
  • A more holistic and higher quality local economy, with shareable guides and models to help other communities replicate our successes
  • Deep ecological integrity through taking personal responsibility to create a regenerative world



If you believe in the importance and the opportunity of what we’re building, please support this vital work. Expanded budgets will enable us to work with more collaborators; to invest in hardware and software to leverage our time and magnify our reach; to acquire tools and materials to improve programs and reduce costs; and to connect with philanthropists and foundations who want to empower organizations like Upward Spirals and the Diamante Solution Center to share our templates and programs with everyone.



We need three types of help right now:

  • Financial donations to support our social benefit mission
  • Impact investments to grow the Sustainable Living Expedition
  • Introductions to philanthropists



Our Regenerative Future

It is time for us to develop within ourselves a culture of regeneration. We must become an ecologically balanced species, consciously rejuvenating the health of our planet, our communities, and therefore, invariably ourselves. To cultivate within ourselves this expanded sense of self, one that extends our beliefs of where our boundaries are, to include our environment and all the life around, and within us, is the greatest opportunity of our lives.


And if we do this work now, we’ll be giving this gift not just to ourselves, but to countless beings that will live beyond us if humans are ready to grow up, and grow into our responsibility as stewards of our beautiful home.


We believe we are positioned to support an expansive regenerative movement that will create the highest benefit for all life. We seek, and are ready for those who are moved to help us build this vision for everyone.


Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and dedication to our beautiful future.


With Love, Hope, and Gratitude,

Eric Baudry and HappE Roberts
Co-founders of Upward Spirals
Directors of the Diamante Solution Center



“I don’t want to protect the environment, I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting.” – Constantinides





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