Happy little Piggy

Eric: We’d heard that Costa Ricans have a different attitude towards dogs than do Americans. Allegedly the human-pet connection isn’t as deep here and people have a more detached relationship with their fuzzy friends. Dogs are called sometimes call Piggies and would generally not be invited to snuggle on a bed or couch.

Not so at this restaurant we found on our first day here. We walked through the indoor seating to emerge onto a huge back grassy area with lush foliage, gourmet food and delicious smoothies, all for half the price of comparable food in California. We made ourselves comfortable at one of the tables and were quickly greeted by a server, the kitchen staff and the owner. The owner, about my age, a very handy guy from South Africa, is in the corner building a jungle gym with a large green parrot on his shoulder. I like him instantly. He later invited us to let Helix off leash to run around the yard. We politely decline since our little piglet is still stressed out from the flight and moving, but I can’t wait to take him up on the offer and let my little fuzzy friend run wild around the restaurant 🙂

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