HappE Roberts

HappE Roberts

Founder, COO & Program Director for Upward Spirals

 Operations Director for the Catalyst Experience Network


I love empowering regenerative organizations by creating tools and impactful social benefit programs, and sharing them with everyone who wants to build a better world.



Unity Consciousness, Compassion for All Life, Ecosystem Regeneration, Animal Welfare, Capacity Building, Program Development, Event Production


I have always been passionate about nature and animals; fueled by a deep compassion for all life. I’ve wanted to make the world a better place since I was a little girl. At first I imagined I could do that through becoming a vet, then grew to want to run an animal sanctuary. After some research and expanding my perception of how to create impact, I realized I could help even more. By bringing resources and knowledge to help existing sanctuaries become more efficient; I could be a part of helping many thousands of animals, and simultaneously support the people dedicated to making the world better.


This way of looking at helping animals deeply resonates with me. My partner and I call this going a rung up the spiral, a process we went through a few times before deciding it was time to launch Upward Spirals to put our best ideas into action. “Wow, imagine all the leaders out there doing amazing projects to create a better world. What more could they achieve with thoughtful support?” I realized I could empower these groups and leaders to be more effective, by growing their support systems and magnifying their impact, and thereby create change on an exponential scale.


In 2014 Eric Baudry and I founded Upward Spirals to empower all organizations building a regenerative society. Our goal is to develop and empower a global network of holistic economic development centers using regenerative models and tools to systematically co-create a healthy planet, people, and communities.


I focus most of my time on capacity building; helping increase the ability of organizers, project leaders, the local community, and our own organization to achieve our goals. In my work as the Operations Director for the Catalyst Experience Network, I get to produce and support event coordinators, educators, healers and artists to create impactful programs that build community, and a regenerative world.


I am honored to magnify the impact of Costa Rica’s regenerative leaders, with programs like:

Catalyst Experience Network: Costa Rica’s most innovative and impactful, regenerative lifestyle centers, educational events and wellness retreats

The Sustainable Living Expedition: (SustainableLivingExpedition.com) A transformational educational adventure around Costa Rica touring sustainable solutions and learning from regenerative lifestyle experts how they’re creating thriving local communities

The Learning Calendar: (LearningCalendarCostaRica.com) A free wellness and sustainability events calendar that 142 organizers around Costa Rica use to promote their workshops, classes, retreats, expeditions and much more

The Organic Directory: (OrganicDirectoryCostaRica.com) Information on over 200 farms, stores, restaurants and ferias around Costa Rica where one can find organic products and organizations supporting organic agriculture

Community Days: (Diamantecenter.com/community-days) A free community event creating a regenerative local economy through workshops, activities and networking

Organic Planet: An organic nut, seed, and dried fruit wholesale distribution company

Catalyst Consulting: Management consulting, social enterprise incubation, organizational development planning and coaching


I feel deeply fortunate to have found my purpose in life, getting to spend all my time doing work that I love, knowing I am helping as many people and animals as possible.


HappE Roberts

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