HappE Roberts

HappE Roberts
Program Coordinator and Developer

Passionate about: Compassion for All life, Ecosystem preservation, Animal welfare, Event planning and design


In Los Angeles, I worked for many years as a booking manager and logistics coordinator for a circus troupe, organizing large events featuring dozens of performers. I loved creating an exciting and inspiring experience, and weaving together the talents and magic of the community to create transformational adventures. 

5 years ago I moved to Costa Rica, co-founded Upward Spirals, and now focus most of my time on capacity building; helping to increase the ability of organizers, project leaders, the local community, and our own organization to achieve our eco-social goals. In my work as the Operations Orchestrator for the Catalyst Experience Network, I support producers, organizers, educators, healers and artists to create impactful programs that build community, and a regenerative world.

My goal for our week together is to ensure your Expedition is a seamless experience, supported in every way so you can learn from the experts, immerse yourself in nature, and create space for you to accelerate your transformation.

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