Hacienda Baru – Manuel Antonio

First we stopped at Manuel Antonio beach. Our dog had one of the best days of his life running in and out of the streams of water.
We found a nice spot to sit and watch the crabs.

black crabs at sea
Found this guy stuck to a rock. He is alive!!
crust creature

We walked up one of the streams leading to the ocean and found a Jesus-Lizard
(that’s what they call them here)

jesus lizard 2
Jesus Lizard
Above this lizard we spotted a small family of Howler monkeys. So cool!
Howler Monkey
Then went to Hacienda Baru. A national reserve that was formally a pasture for cattle where they grew tall grass and rice. The farmer had a change of heart through his experiences in Costa Rica and wanted to return the land back to it’s original form. They have restored the land the last 30 years by planting trees and letting the jungle take over. Now there are more monkeys than animals in this area, thanks to an old farmer.
We explored the land….
An Iguana
zoo iguana

Weird fruit
Noni fruit

Very large Golden Silk Spider (harmless)
Golden Silk Spider
Beautiful Moth
red moth - clear wings

Very cool bug, eggs and new hatchlings. The color was shimmering copper, very pretty.
Gold beetle babiesCROP

One of our favorite birds, the Tanager. No camera can ever express the amazing color on this bird. Truly amazing. The color is brighter than LIGHT, no joke.

Then we went Ziplining!!

Eric zipline
Zip Line Me weeee

Zip Line group tree pic

From FLIGHT!!!

And a monkey….

zoo monkey

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