Foundations of Rapport

Foundations of Rapport:
How to create conversations of safety and trust

– Guided by Russell Giles

A three hour, highly interactive, experiential workshop about the foundations of rapport that exist outside our consciousness and therefore outside our control. Most people haven’t a clue about what makes them almost instantly trust some people and shy away from others.

While auras and energy signatures may have something to do with responses of those few sensitive and experienced enough to read them; for most of us for most of our lives, we are simply being jacked around by our primitive Limbic-R brains in our conversations.

These three hours set you on the road to understanding and mastering the behaviors that allow you stay in rapport with just about anyone no matter what the circumstances. Such information and practices are useful for everybody, however they are especially crucial to healers and health coaches (people who interact with others who may be in pain, fear, frustration and sufferings of the physical body and mind.) So, in the last third of the workshop we will be exploring the unique relationship of client/patient and healer. Everyone is welcome in this interactive group discussion, and all participants receive session notes.

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