Food is NOM NOM!

HappE: Wow, the food we’ve had so far is sooo tasty. I can not believe how different the veggies taste,  so much flavor. I think I tasted a tomato for the first time, it was wonderful. We’ve eaten at a few yummy places so far.

We walked into this awesome bar/restaurant, and were helped by an English speaking waiter from Canada. I really wanted hot broth and veggies,  so I ordered a chicken soup and salad (most likely removing the chicken).  When my food arrived I got my ‘chicken’ soup but chicken was NOT the first ingredient, it was VEGGIES! OMG, it had over 10 veggies and it was amazing! It was so big, tasty and full on nom veggies, I ended up taking the whole salad home. Eric had a bite of cucumber and almost cried at the ‘realness.’  All this while hits from the 90’s played in the background.

Also, the few pieces of meat I’ve had was probably some of the tastiest too. You could cut it with a butter knife and there was no weird fat within it. Maybe we’ve just been lucky or still on our excited adrenaline for being here, but so good.

We already have a favorite place (so far). They have a huge back area, covered in grass and Helix is allowed!! They are so welcoming they even said Helix can run around off leash if he wants in the back eating area :0 They have really tasty food, they speak English and have taaaaasty smoothies. Can’t wait to eat more fruit. There are at least a half a dozen fruits I’ve never even seen before.
Fridays is a HUGE farmers market…. can’t wait!

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