FAQ’s about producing events in Costa Rica with Upward Spirals

Because of our nonprofit environmental and humanitarian work in Costa Rica, we have developed special partnerships with dozens of the country’s best event centers, and have designed industry leading event production strategies with some of the most inspiring leaders and organizers around the country.

Dozens of these centers have synergized with U.S. as a way to grow their business and impact; seeing the Successful Retreats model as an ideal way to achieve their eco-social missions.


Here’s how it works:

You schedule a vision session with an Upward Spirals event expert, during which we explore what your ideal event looks like and what you’ll need to create that experience.

We’ll share our market data and strategies, advanced pricing models, itinerary options, and a range of event venues that we believe will be the best container for your vision.

You select your favorite center and we’ll ensure they’re available for your dates, and we’ll work with the center and expert providers to coordinate all the logistics like transportation, room upgrade options, activities, and the highest quality organic sustainable meals.

Because we bring so much business and benefit to the center, and in support of our nonprofit work, they offer Upward Spirals a special rate which we use to provide you the Successful Retreats service.

So you pay the same as booking direct, but with U.S. you get advanced business strategies, an expert event planner, and you support our mission to create a regenerative economy.



You will incur the same expenses as if you produced the event without us.

For most events this is lodging, meals, transportation, and activities/classes; all of which will cost you the same, or less, by working with Upward Spirals and benefiting from our special connections.

During your free vision session with our team we’ll put together your event budget and share marketing and pricing strategies to help you achieve your enrollment goals.



Great question!

Upward Spirals is a rare type of business, focused not on profit-maximization, but instead on maximizing impact.

We measure success by how many event producers we can support to reach as many people as possible. The more social entrepreneurs like yourself who can bring holistic wellness and education to people, the faster we all create a more sustainable and regenerative world.

So we focus on helping you achieve your mission, as our nonprofit’s way of accomplishing ours.

Plus, the environment isn’t going to save itself, so let’s do this!



Every event is unique, and different venues have a range of ways of complementing your vision.

All producers want comfortable and professional venues, though some want to offer guests every luxury, whereas others seek to keep ticket prices low by staying at more basic accommodations.

From private beach-view villas to tranquil mountain cabins, from small intimate gatherings to large groups and conferences, you can paint your vision with rivers, trails, ecotourism, beach fun, permaculture gardens, cloud forests, and everything in between. 


This range of venues offers the perfect options for:

  • Wellness and holistic lifestyles 
  • Yoga, movement, and meditation
  • Detox, nutrition, and health support
  • Educational events and school programs
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Ecotourism and connecting with nature




Once we understand your vision we’ll use our expertise in event flow and guest experience to help you design the perfect event.

We can recommend how to build and sustain the energy you want, and suggest activities and experts who complement and magnify the content you want to share.

And our abundant database of ecotourism options has something for everyone, from relaxing private beaches, to wildlife adventures, to jungle trails to world-class waterfalls.

We can help you choose, though feel free to check out the full list of options of activities, presentations, and classes.



We hoped you would ask that!

Part of our mission is to create a more sustainable and regenerative food system, so every event is supported by diverse high-quality meal plans that focus on Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal, Non-gmo, and Plant-based recipes.

Our chef and providers use only the best ingredients, prepared with love.

We can cater the menu to accommodate any preferences, from raw vegan, gluten free, juicing, to any other request.




We work with professional, safe, friendly drivers that know all the roads and driving customs of Costa Rica. They are careful, conscientious, on-time, and speak both English and Spanish.



We love helping impactful organizations communicate what makes you special.


Here are some ways we’ve helped recent event producers:

  • Website and flyer optimization ideas
  • Strategies to efficiently leverage digital marketing
  • Tactics to cover a range of marketing channels to reach diverse audiences
  • List building ideas and tools for marketing campaigns


Additionally we encourage producers to use our quality venue and activity pictures and descriptions to save time and effectively share the event experience with potential guests.

And we promote each event directly through our channels and network, reaching anywhere from 10,000 to 1,000,000 people for past events.





 This depends on the season of your visit and whether you choose cooler mountain or warmer beach locations.

June through November brings the most rain, whereas January through April are the driest. May and December are mixed, resembling more spring-like weather.

Temperatures stay pretty comfortable, ranging from 60-80 degrees in the mountains to 70-90 degrees at the beach.

Though December through April are the most popular months for visitors, many producers choose the wet season or in-between months. They find the mornings are still lovely for ecotourism, and prefer the greater tranquility and lower prices. Additionally the lushness in the wetter months is not to be missed.



All visitors require a passport, in good condition, with at least 6-months before expiration.

Another requirement to enter Costa Rica is proof you intend to leave, usually satisfied through a roundtrip airplane ticket.

Visa requirements depend on your country of origin, with the US, Cananda, and most European countries allowing for entry without a visa.

For more detailed and up-to-date information on visas or other entry requirements, please visit Costa Rica’s website at Visa and entry requirements.



Beautiful and diverse, complementing the multiple micro-climates found throughout the country.

For any nature lovers this is a real highlight of exploring jungle trails and beaches.

Most insects keep to themselves, though people who aren’t comfortable with these little friends might consider occasional repellent. Selecting chemical-free products is wise since it isn’t worth poisoning nature or oneself to avoid possible bites.



Costa Rica is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

100% of the events we’ve supported has been problem-free.

High education, no army, and a culture based on family values all contribute to the exceptionally low rates of violent crimes.

In the city of San Jose and at some touristy areas there can be issues with petty theft, however southern Costa Rica is especially peaceful, and our events are always accompanied by bi-lingual locals who ensure smooth and safe excursions.



Though many Costa Ricans do speak English, it is always nice to try and speak the native language, Spanish! Costa Ricans are very patient, and deeply appreciate when people try to speak Spanish.

All our team speaks English and Spanish and someone will be with you the whole way to make sure your group has everything they need.



Most stores in commonly visited areas do accept dollars, though to get the best prices, and to better support the local economy, payment in the local colones currency is ideal.

There are atms which provide either dollars or colones, however they get more sparse as you head south, so it is recommended to bring enough cash for your trip.

For expenses related to the event, we can accept payments in dollars, colones, or any other currency, and have a variety of options for electronic transfer.



Our Suggested Packing List covers everything you might want for your visit.



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For any other questions, or if you're ready to receive your vision session, give us a call or email:

Toll-free: 800-259-6061

Within Costa Rica: 506-8521-6016

[email protected] 


Thank you for this opportunity to magnify your work!

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