Some interesting trivia about Costa Rica:


*The sun rises and sets at 5:30 a.m. and p.m. everyday, all year.

*Temperatures across the country and throughout the year vary minimally. It mostly stays between the low 60s and low 80s.

*Costa Rica is about 1/10th the size of California.

*25% of the country is protected land and parks.

*About 5 million people live here, roughly half in the greater San Jose (capital) area.

*The average life expectancy is 79 years, one of the highest in the world.

*The Happy Planet Index rates Costa Ricans as the happiest people on earth.

*Costa Rica has a 97% literacy rate. English is required to graduate from high school.

*Health care is guaranteed to all residents. A $50/month insurance policy available to tourists covers almost everything.

*Costa Rica has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2021. They ranked 3rd of 163 countries in Environmental Performance in a study done by Yale.

*Eco-tourism is Costa Rica’s largest industry, followed by high-tech. Intel is the largest employer.

*They have no army. It was abolished in 1948. Costa Rica invests that money in education and health.

*In 2010, Costa Rica elected their first female President.

*Income earned from foreign sources is not taxed in Costa Rica.

*5% of the world’s biodiversity can be found here, including 10% of the world’s butterflies and over 50 species of hummingbird.

*There are 200+ volcanoes here, 7 of them active. Arenal is one of the 10 most active in the world. From Irazu you can see both oceans.


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